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Re: stalk/stealth/lurk
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Hmmm . . . Clears Throat . . . scrapes nails across chalkboard to get everyones attention  ;D

Back on topic, jjDodgeer is correct AFAIK in his answer to the question except for Lurk which is my favorite of these three skills and I only think one model has it, Angel of Mercy.  There is some good fluff behind Lurk and I like the idea of a monster so scary that it can only be seen briefly here and there as it draws closer to you.  With lurk, you have to attempt to spot the model and if you do and fire and the models saves, then it fades out of your site again right before your eyes.  Not only that, you are prohibited from using tac sense to try and fire somewhere else.  The image is so frightening that are you are totally obsessed wtih destroying it so that its tangibility can be shown to others as proof you aren't seeing things.  If the model enters close combat with your buddies, you must fire into that CC and risk hitting your friends.

Add a Doomsday Proclaimer working in conjunction with the Angel of Mercy and you have a pretty potent combo for routing troops that would normally hold their ground.

Now, I need one more post to make a hundred, still a long way from the old forum where I was the post count leader.  However, at least I contribute something to the thread . . .  ;)

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