Author Topic: Horned Ones Army Available  (Read 4848 times)

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Horned Ones Army Available
« on: June 18, 2006, 07:23:32 PM »
Hey everybody.  I have the following Horned Ones available:

21 Horned Ones Spearmen (3 boxed sets worth) all unpainted
7 Axehorns painted
7 Horned Ones Legionnaires all unpainted
3 Horned Raiders all unpainted

They were originally going to be taken up in a trade, but my trading partner seems to have disappeared.

Thus, I'm looking to see if anybody else is interested in these guys.  I'd like to pick up some Dark Tusk Dark Stars or Dark Axes, some Viridian Lords or a Soul Flayer.  Alternatively, if you had none of my desired trades but were interested in just picking these guys up, I'd consider any reasonable offer.  As these guys have been sitting around untouched for a bit now, most offers would be deemed reasonable.