Author Topic: The Truth About the Molds-You Have a Right to Know  (Read 3176 times)

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The Truth About the Molds-You Have a Right to Know
« on: April 26, 2006, 06:12:10 AM »
I have done extense research on the web and have come up with the the following reasons that the molds were destroyed:

10) Used for wheels for the nation's slowest soap box derby.
9) Stolen by the Marine Corps due to budget reasons for mortar base plates.
8) Used by the US Olympic Curling Team as secret weapon for victory.
7) Due to a mishap with a can of crimson paint, they were mistaken for hats and sold to the Red Hat Society (resulting in several tragic neck and upper back injuries).
6) Used as body jewelry by a group of Ultimate Warzone Punk Rockers.
5) Nearsighted group of robots mistook them for doughnuts and ate them.
4) Mistaken for crashed UFO parts and stolen by US government.
3) We used a notepads by ENRON and destroyed to cover their financial misdeeds.
2) Used as firsbees by the NJ Ultimate Frisbee/Weight Lifting Club.
1) Accidentally broken when they were used for plates at a Greek Restaurant.
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