Author Topic: Why?  (Read 8693 times)

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Re: Why?
« Reply #15 on: March 31, 2006, 09:53:04 PM »
I'd just like to post an apology to you, Wedge for what little it's worth. I let my temper get the best of me and just spouted off like a punk. Should've just cooled down and tried to be more cooperative.

Moral of the Story - Don't post on a forum when you're sick and already riled up about something else.

Holy hell, I think this needs stickied :D  I love you Dag, you're so cuddly, like a nice fuzzy bunny.  With Sharp Pointy Teeth.  Speaking of Monty Python, I went to the Bebo Norman concert, and I swear the dude that was with him looks friggin exactly like the guy who played Gallahad.

Ok, group hug and therapy time.


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Re: Why?
« Reply #16 on: April 01, 2006, 10:14:36 PM »
Glenn, you have issues.

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Re: Why?
« Reply #17 on: April 02, 2006, 06:56:15 AM »
Everyone has bad days - I should know.  ;D

Dag - it takes guts to stand up and apologize. I salute you for it
Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind. - Dr. Seuss (1904 - 1991)

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