Author Topic: Battle Report March 12 2023 Stygian vs Obsidian Serpent  (Read 3120 times)


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Battle Report March 12 2023 Stygian vs Obsidian Serpent
« on: March 14, 2023, 05:48:42 AM »

Stygian 1006 points, my ten year old son
Great Warrior
Desert Crawler
Tenebrous Crawler
Tree Devil
2 warbands of reapers
2 warbands of starved
1 warband of warriors with attached flayer

Obsidian Serpent 1005 points, me
Obsidian Guard
Dragonbane Knight
Dragonbane Scout
1 warband of dragonskull warriors
1 warband of elf axemen
1 warband of elf swordsmen with vorpal swordmaster
1 warband of elf archers

Environment was a ruined city landscape
We had just gone to a train museum and train ride at Calera, Alabama, the day before and my son had gotten a toy train, which he insisted on putting into the landscape as a crash.

I forgot to take deployment photos, but here is a shot of my side just after my dragonbane scout had advanced out of the picture.

It has been a long time since we played so to make it simpler I dispensed with the card deployment and we did not use spellcasters.

The Stygian army won initiative and my son activated his Guardian, then had the Guardian give orders to the Stygian Warriors unit.

Tenebrous Worm, I choose you!

Dragonbane Scout advances and takes a pot shot at flayer, missing

Elf archers climbing into house

Stygians taking cover

Stygian warriors charged Dragonbane Scout eventually overwhelming it, one Stygian swordsman wounds a dragonbane knight with throwing dagger.

Tree Devil appears among elf archers.

Elf axemen charge into Stygian warriors.

Dragonbane Knight into combat with Guardian.

We left it like that for the night since it was getting close to bed time.

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Re: Battle Report March 12 2023 Stygian vs Obsidian Serpent
« Reply #1 on: March 14, 2023, 06:05:34 AM »
Nice Fight and Pics :)