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Andrew Coleman  So....I was sitting at work last night thinking about "Death Chickens" (Ripper-Beasts) when I remembered a scenario that I came up with about 15 yrs ago that I think you would dig.  Now, as about anyone who buys lots on e-bay knows, a lot of times you end up with some crappy models from other games that a almost useless.  I had got one of very poor quality that had the ugliest head I have ever seen.  So,I cut it off and painted it, and stuck it on a base.  I just got 2 more RB in the mail and my bud Brian had bought (got cheap) a boxed set for some game that had humans/orcs that he wanted to use as proxies for FB.  4 were knights that were scaled right and really did not look to bad.  I came up with an all cavalry scenario using the Death Match rules posted on Chronopia World.  Basically you treat all models as Indv.  I would play BB, Cannonball and Troy would play FB/CL. Everything had to be mounted.....except for one ugly head!!

FB/CL- 2 Mt. Axes, 2 FBK, Chariot, 2 DBK, 2 DBS, 1 Warkiller.

BB- 9 RB (5 RBA, 4 RBL 2 Chariots and 1 Myrmidon

........and one ugly head!!

The rules were simple.  Both sides charged the ugly head in the center.  If you came into contact with the base of the ugly head you used an action to role to hit.  If ya made it you could knock the head any direction up to 6 inches.  You won if you knocked ugly head off the opponents edge of their deployment zone.......and that is how the game of "Smackit" (Chrono-Polo) was invented.🤣🤣🤣
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