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Siege of the Citadel getting brought back!!

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Brother Jim:
Modiphius & Cabinet Entertainment have joined forces to re-boot one of the most epic miniatures boardgames, Siege of the Citadel.


Available retail in October 2016 (according to the article).

I read that.  That is most excellent!  They've brought in quite the impressive cast of designers and artists...

I just hope the miniature design will be done by Modiphius...
Still, this is great news as they are doing quite a job with MC RPG.

Horned God:
Actually the miniatures I think are really Prodos as Mordiphius partnered with them to create miniatures for both Acthung Cthulhu and Warzone RPG, and more than likely this new board game since also Prodos is doing the line of Warzone Resurrection miniatures, thus it can be assumed the new board game will have 3D rendered 'resin' models and be similar in quality to, say, the new Aliens boardgame they are also doing.

I say awesome and that the miniatures will probably end up being very detailed and awesome as well.

Horned Owl:
This is great news!


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