Author Topic: Pricing system in UWZ, characteristics  (Read 7183 times)

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Pricing system in UWZ, characteristics
« on: July 16, 2014, 12:17:04 AM »
Hi guys,

Would someone here have any idea about how the units in UWZ are priced (in credits)? And additionally, how their characteristics are created? I would like to add some units for UWZ into our houserules in the future and having no experience, I do not want to create supermonsters and terminators :D so any peek into the system would be very helpful  ;)

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Re: Pricing system in UWZ, characteristics
« Reply #1 on: January 25, 2015, 05:49:45 PM »
There was an 'official' system. Since the game is officially 'dead' I see no logical reason why it is not simply posted, but basically you start with a base profile with base stats. I think the minimum is 5 points per model. You then add X points to a number of stats. Like 5 points to be distributed among CC, RC, LD, PW, etc. Wounds, Armor, Size are all separate. Essentially for 1 cost point you get X points to distribute. Most abilities are a straight cost, and some are a percentage of the models cost, such as Unseen Assailant.

Honestly, its better if you and the forum simply create your own point system and as long as all the units are point costed based on it, your cool. When you playtest your really playtesting the cost of a given cost option.

To make CC cheaper (which it should be) when a model pays for Damage for a weapon and then Range, that Range cost (and the weapon modifiers) are one thing that make it cost more.

I also think RC should cost more than CC though in the official system I don't think it does. If it were me. I'd have CC along with like PW, LD, ST cost 1 pp per 4 points distributed. Then for RC and A I would make each 1 point per point. Wounds should be like 4 (maybe 5) each. MV should be 3 points each per Inch above the base. Size is 'free' and based on the model's size.

You pay only for points above the base. Say the base Strength is 4 and the base Move is 3 (or 4) then if MV = +3 pts per 1" then you only pay +3 points if you have a model with MV 5

For models who have less than the base profile they 'get points' back, but keep in mind the minimum 5 point model cost, and if so, then they have points to spend on other things like weapons and damage and such. When you buy a CC weapon part of your damage is already paid for with Strength.

For models with multiple weapons. Pay for the highest damage and attributes of the weapon. Then add 1. You have an Assault Rifle, damage 13 and some range modifiers. Pay for those. Then you have a Grenade Launcher but it only does damage 10, but it does use a Template. Pay for the template, you already bought the damage higher. This way you buy the highest cost range, range modifiers and damage and any/all damage effects like templates. Then add 1 to the cost as your model only uses one weapon per action and thus the 1 point is an alternative weapon cost. Say the Assault Rifle costs 7 points, and the grenade template costs 5 points and thus you paid for the 13 damage and the range and range modifiers and template (the 10 damage from the template is folded into the 13 damage) and then add +1 and you pay: 7 + 5 + 1 = 13 points for that pair of weapons for that model.

That does not mean the official system did this, but it is a great way to do it and uses a concept you find in effect based games like Mutants and Masterminds (ie Alternate Powers)

Each type of template should be costed out like an Flame Template and Light Flame Template given standard point costs. A weapon then costs the Template cost, plus Damage cost and if a weapon has more than one Rate of Fire or a damage modifier that too is bought, but remember you pay for the highest cost for each element if you have more than one weapon. In other words, if both weapons have a damage modifier but one does x2 damage and he other x3, you pay for the x3, and keep in mind the alt power idea that the x2 cost is folded into it since you cant use both weapons simultaneously in the same action. Instead you choose one per action. Now, if you could use more than one weapon per action then yes you would pay for both at full but you can't so there is no need.

I sort of worked out a usable system, but currently am reworking it. PM me with your email if you want a copy. Remember its only like 95 done and I did not try and reverse engineer UWZ. I simply made my own point system and based on using a base profile and how to cost things it works just fine, and as long as all units are point cost with it, then its fair and balanced. If it is tweaked it is playtesting to tweak the cost of a given option, not the unit itself. For example, say I put Unseen Assailant should cost +30% of a models cost, just say he did, and you feel that it should cost more, then adjust that percent cost based on your playtesting, and say you up the cost to +40%. That does not mean other elements like the base profile and costs change, just that one element.