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Prodos now has their own forum.  We're keeping the lights on here, and not chasing anyone away, but I do suggest the people clamoring for new models from Prodos go straight to the man, so to speak, at this joint:


These forums will remain open for discussion of the older versions of the games and any upcoming stuff, and remain the forums for Cauldron Born, Four A, Forge of Ice, and Ghamak miniatures.

Of course you can post anything about the Warzone Resurrection you like too.  Battle reports, painting, or anything you like, but keep in mind that Prodos is an entirely new company and you can help them most under their own roof. 

One last thing.  If you can keep your forum handle the same, do it!!  I'm old and can't remember anything as it is, and it's nice to see familiar names. 

I've logged onto there I hope it means that  this forum still gets visited a lot as its nice to talk about the older minis like my current painting challenge but it will be nice to get playing Warzone on a regular basis again in any version as my previous opponents moved to Japan, USA & Australia honestly it was nothing I said  ;D ::)

Brother Jim:
I've created an account there.

Same name.

We'll be here.  We're even mentioned on the video that Rob Alderman posted on youtube.   Keep on painting and throwing dice!!   

Think we should open Warzone Ressurection sub-section of the forum for the Prodo-ites?


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