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Brotherhood lot for sale. (Sold)
« on: January 17, 2013, 06:46:55 AM »
I'm selling off a lot of Brotherhood miniatures. I am only selling them in one lot and not interested in trades. I'm in the US and will accept Paypal. See the following for contents of the lot.

Some of these were produced by Target Games and some were produced by Excelsior Entertainment when they had the license. They are new and still in the blisters, although a few blisters are stapled together. I don't know if any miniatures are missing from those blisters. They were stapled when I got thm. I forgot to upload pictures of them to my photobucket album, so I will make them available on request and also get them uploaded tonight.

Inquisitor 1 fig blister x2
Mortificators 4 fig blister x1
Jihad Troopers 4 fig blister x1
Pilgrim Squad 4 fig blister x1
Pilgrims 2 fig blister x1
Sacred Warrior 2 fig blister x1
Trooper Veteran Sergeant 1 fig blister x1
Elite Trooper Sergeant 1 fig blister x2
Elite Trooper Squad 4 fig blister x2
Elite Trooper Sniper 1 fig blister x1

The price for them is $40 plus shipping to your location. Please PM me or email me at if you are interested. If there are no takers by Saturday at Midnight I will transfer these to eBay.

These are no longer available, they have been sold.
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