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« on: April 28, 2011, 10:25:24 AM »
The Polish FAQ says:

38. Q: How exactly does Infiltrate work?
-if both players have infiltrating troops, they have to roll for initiative before infiltrating troops are deployed
-infiltrating card has to be set up no closer than 12" from enemy deployment zone and cards/models (enemy infiltrating units or models deployed without cards).
-activated or spotted infiltrating models are deployed like this: the unit commander is deployed in the middle of the deployment card, other models are deployed in command distance from the leader no closer than 12" from the enemy deployment zone. If the deployed model is not in cover or out of LOS of enemy cards/models, than he has to be deployed in MP.

Is this correct? We played last time, that infiltrates models have to be 12" from opponent models and outside of the deployment zone. The rule book says nothing about the models at all only about the unit card. We had some discussion but no final answer.
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Re: Infiltrate
« Reply #1 on: April 28, 2011, 12:23:44 PM »
The Polish FAQ is not correct, and, in fact, has changed some of the basic rules of the game for their purposes.

Here is how we play it:

Players place their Infiltrators after all other units/cards have been placed, in order of Deployment (Turn 0) initiative.
 - During Deployment (Turn 0), the player who wins initiative has the option to place their first unit prior to their opponent, or may elect to force the opponent to place a unit/card first; players alternate placement until all cards which are not infiltrators/paradeploy/etc. are placed.  Prior to placing Infiltrators, the option to execute Guerilla Training is decided.  Then, Infiltrators are placed in the same order in which Turn 0 deployment was executed.
 - If a player wins the Deployment initiative, and has Infiltrators, it is, usually, advantageous to choose to place your unitss/cards first, thereby getting prime locations for your infitrators prior to your opponent snatching them up.

If infiltrators are placed using a unit card:
 - The card must be outside the enemy Deployment Zone as well as at least 12" from any enemy models which are, already, on the board, such as enemy infiltrators or Guerilla units.
 - This rule applies to Dummy cards, as well.  Remember that a Dummy card may not be used to represent an Infiltrator unless you have at least one Infiltrating unit in your army.

If Infiltrators are placed without benefit of a Unit card:
 - The models may not be in LOS of any enemy models unless they are in Minimized Presence (MP) or are behind cover with respect to the enemy models that possess LOS to the Infiltrator(s).  Yes, this would mean that a unit may start the game under the status of MP during deployment; this is true for any models placed as models, rather than as cards.
 - All models must be outside the enemy Deployment Zone and at least 12" from any enemy models.

If Infiltrators are Activated or Spotted when placed as a card:
 - The Leader (or Reference Model for Leaderless Squads) is placed on the center of the card, while the rest of the models are placed within Command Distance of the Leader/Reference Model.
 - No model may be placed inside the enemy Deployment Zone or within 12" of an enemy model.

The rulebook actually does talk about models as opposed to unit cards, though it is not clearly stated that the models follow the same rules as the cards along with their extra rules.

Please, let me know if this does not clear it up.
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Re: Infiltrate
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If I understand your answer correctly we played correct.

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