Author Topic: House rule up for testing - Bayonet Revision / ranged weapons in cc  (Read 3691 times)

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Here is a rule that our little group have found to solve the rather debated topic of ranged weapons in CC. As discussed previously in another post, i'd like some help to test this house rule.


i.    We appreciated that the FAQ kept the CC modifiers of rifle weapons. This serves to distinguish ranged troops further from assault ones, since they, in our opinion, already have a hard time in UWZ. Furthermore, the CC weapon modifier was probably taken into account in the unit costs.

ii.    We liked the fact that the "dodger" improvised weapon rule, used the ST stat in close combat, rather than ranged damage, for assault riffles. With the FAQ, Belzarach troops doing 11 DAM in cc was a kick in the balls for troops with pistols or smgs (or the yari shogun rifles for that matter). As a note, i am the algeroth player of our group, so i could readily notice this. Trouble was with the CC modifiers being removed, and this increase in ability was not reflected in the costs of units.

iii    We assumed that any improvement in CC, comparatively to the rulebook, should be reflected as extra cost.

iv.    The bayonet section was a mess  :D, no matter the ruling you pick, they were either useless, overpriced or overpowered.

So here's what we settled upon as house rules:

1. All weapons with a dash in CC may be used with a -4 modifier. This allows shotguns or other clumsy weapons to be used as clubs. Weapons used as clubs inflict ST for damage (this include assault rifles without bayonets, of course). The damage type is concussive.

2. The bayonet section is replaced as follows:

Bayonet (2pts): Bayonets can take many forms, but all improve the weapon's effectiveness at close quarters. A bayonet allows an assault rifle to inflict ST+3 rending damage in close combat.

3. Weapons of exception. Some rare large weapons were designed to function in close combat by default, but their effectiveness varies to extremes depending on the rule taken (from crap in the rulebook, to awesome in the FAQ).

These are the Belzarach and Scythe of Semai.
To represent their natural CC oriented design, they are allowed to fit a bayonet as described above. Obviously, no other load-out is permitted on those weapons.