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"Mutant Terror Bird" available for pre-order

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Hello folks,

I've had a few requests for my "Mutant Terror Bird" figure, but I'm still a ways away from being able to have it cast in metal.  Real life keeps getting in the way of my miniatures...

So, in order to get the figure in to production more quickly, I've decided to offer it for pre-order.

The figure should be of interest to Chronopia players, as the design is inspired by this Chronopia artwork by Adrian Smith, depicting Vulture Clan Dwarven Blood Totems:

I need about 25 pre-orders to pay for the casting in its entirety, but every order that I get will make it easier for me to have the figures cast in metal.

The pre-order price does NOT include shipping - shipping will depend on the weight of the finished figures.  I'll post shipping details when the figure returns from the caster, and send invoices to everyone who pre-orders once I've got the information.

If you'd like to pre-order one (or more!) of these Mutant Terror Birds, send me $14 (US Dollars) for each bird by Paypal to:  Sorry, I'm only taking pre-orders by Paypal, it'll make it much easier for me to track the orders.

Also, please make sure that your Paypal information is accurate... it's surprising the number of people who can't be bothered to capitalize the name of their country or state, or who misspell the name of the very street they live on...

Von Koss:
I'm so on this...

PM sent.

Manic _Miner:
 Hi Alex

 Just tried to send you my pre-order.Paypal is not letting me send you money.Is the addy right?

 This is the one I used last time.

 Nice to see these up too  ;D.

Hey Andy - I've received your payment, so it's come through on my end.  I keep those old email addresses active, they still work for sending me Paypal payments.

Thanks, guys!


Manic _Miner:
 Have you pimped these else where?


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