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I managed to get a Citadel Realm of Battle Gameboard for a killer price. I painted it up, and have been using it
for my Chronopia Constructible Armies Module.,6499.0.html

Here are a few pictures. I apologize for the low-resolution, as I am using a cell phone camera.
I hope you enjoy.

The Firstborn prepare to defend their border from a Devout advance:

Two warbands of Cursed, Risen, Soul Flayer, and & Abyss Crawler prepare for carnage.

A Warped Lord, Risen Warband, and Cursed Warband.

An Abyss Crawler emerges from under the earth and prepares to trample a unit of Firstborn Swordsmen, while a Repulsar Knight stands ready on Wait.

The Warped Lord's Vortex spell decimates a unit of Firstborn Crossbowmen.

The end of the battle. All that remains of the Firstborn is a single, desperate Crossbowmen.
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very nice. somebody got whomped!

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Ouch!   ;D
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