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Forum Rules
« on: April 12, 2009, 01:51:58 AM »
Forum Rules

These forums are dedicated to the discussion of Warzone, Chronopia, Mutant Chronicles and topics related to the miniature gaming hobby. Being a group of geeks/gamers it is of course inevitable (or perhaps natural) that the conversation will run off on a tangent into other areas.

Appropriate behaviour
You should act in a way which is suitable for a public gathering, respect other members and treat them like you would wish to be treated.

These forums are very international with lots of members whose native language is not English. So please consider the possibility that the person you are getting ready to unleash hell on has just made a mistake. It also means that we should keep in mind that something which may be totally fine in one country may be quite offensive in another.

These forums are open to young people as well so please keep the topics family friendly.

Inappropriate behaviour

Examples of behaviour which are not suitable:

-   Personal insults against other members
-   Racism, sexism and religious insults.
-   Pornographic images, links to porn etc.
-   Not Safe For Work stuff. (If you are posting a link to images that could be considered questionable they should be clearly labeled).
-   Trolling and other inflammatory behaviour
-   Having multiple accounts
-   Spamming

Topics to avoid
We want these forums to be a meeting place for people who share a common hobby to discuss, debate and have fun. There are however topics that tend only to create strife. These topics should be avoided even in the off-topic area. There are plenty of forums out there on the net should you feel a need to discuss them.

Examples of topics to avoid:
•   Politics
•   Racist, sexist and homophobia
•   Religion

What to do if you come across an offensive or inappropriate post

If there is a post you feel is questionable or offensive you can report it to the Moderators and Admins by  clicking on the Report button next to the post. Please, include a note telling why you report it. Please try not to reply directly to the post (even though it may be tempting to unleash your Gehenna Puker). Flame wars should be avoided. The admins/mods will be along shortly to deal with it.

Crime and punishment
Breaking the forum rules can result in:
•   Warnings
•   Temporary loss of posting priviliges
•   Being banned

1.   Don’t be a jerk!
2.   Use common sense!
3.   Have fun!