Author Topic: H: Dark Legion and Brotherhood would like some Cap or Imp or even First Born  (Read 4093 times)


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Have a bunch of Dark Legion I have gather through out the past few years mostly older model types.  Some are painted some are primed some are still metal.


Have a surplus of extra brotherhood figs

Paladins x12
Paladin decxx 3
Cardinal Dominic

Already have Brotherhood (primary), Capital, and Imperial. 
Was thinking maybe some Cartel or tribes of earth also or some first born for my chronopia army.

Also for trade have some black bloods mostly orcs with a goblin sword master unit. Along with Small SOK force slingers wyrd spearmen.
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Ok Dark Legion has been traded. Had a great trade with Philly Sniper.

Still have some imperial, brotherhood, and black bloods available for trade.
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