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Links to CmdrKiley's Warzone Stat Cards


Links to Stat Cards
The Stat Card Folder link takes you to an online folder with a listing of all the files and they can be directly opened from there or right and save target as to save them.  Individual links are also listed in alphabetical order beneath the Stat Card Folder Link.  You must have Adobe Acrobat Reader to view these as they are all PDF's.  The largest are about 5 megs in size. 
EDIT: Brotherhood has now been added.
EDIT: Mishima has now been added
EDIT: Imperial Link Fixed.  Still waiting on Dark Legion - Horde from CmdrKiley.
EDIT: Added Corps Load Outs, Weapon Load Outs, Mines & Demolitions, Support Munitions
EDIT: Added Dark Legion - Horde, Dark Legion - Common Support, and updated The Brotherhood (now in two files with corrections of previous document).

Stat Card Folder


Brotherhood File 1

Brotherhood File 2




Dark Legion - Algeroth

Dark Legion - Common Support

Dark Legion - Cults

Dark Legion - Demnogonis

Dark Legion - Horde

Dark Legion - Illian

Dark Legion - Muawijhe

Dark Legion - Semai



Tribes of Earth - Crescentian Brotherhood

Tribes of Earth - Inheritors of Job

Tribes of Earth - Sons of Rasputin

Tribes of Earth - Templar Horde

Corps Load Outs

Weapon Load Outs

Mines & Demolitions

Support Munitions

What about Mishima?

Thanks dmcgee1.

BTW, if you want to help me finish this project.  Let me know of any errors in the cards.  I tried to get everything up to the latests FAQ/Errata. 

Also if you happen to have any photos of models that I don't have posted, send them to me and I can update these.  Preferably the original studio shots for the catalog.  If not a shot a painted model in front of a white background will do. 

I suppose we could also look into using some pics of proxies and conversions for units that aren't represented by official models too.

Mishima is now in place.  Please do not add any more posts to this topic but use the non-sticky topic to respond or talk about the cards.


I locked this thread as per the request of the thread starter. Seamus if you want to add more links contact me or another Mod/Admin and we will unlock it for you. Everyone else please follow Seamus' request and comment in the other Stat Card thread.


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