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Dark Eden
« on: December 03, 2007, 06:13:54 PM »
Ok. Im going to try and log basic progress.

So I am looking to make a Dark Eden gaming board and create some new armies. Im looking for opinions and more ideas.

Im on a budget, but terrain is one of those things that is easy on the wallet and enhances the game. Fortunately its something I am talented with.

So, I have been reading my Dark Eden book and have become excited with the setting. Its a fantastic place to fight! I want to re-enact a conflict on the surface of Dark Eden, and I want the Terrain and Armies to represent the full range of exciting rules in Warzone. Environmental to Unit Activations. A buildup of games; 250, 400, 500, and 650points.

4x4 board, 650points, 2 armies, 3rd Edition.


Mishima vs. Rasputin
I really want to re-enact the Russian-Japanese conflict. The plot focuses on massive Land Battleships roaming the open land masses and attempts to destroy a particular Rasputin battleship that threatens Mishimas holdings on Eden. The last battle a suicide charge on the battleships prow against its Rasputin guards.

Bauhaus vs. Semai
A Bauhaus cobalt mining colony set up on Eden suddenly goes silent, Its inhabitants declaring themselves a independent state. When a suppression force is sent its landing site falls under attack, and the miners reveal themselves to be in league with a Neophyte of Semai. Worse yet there are trators in the ranks and dreaded bio-constructs begin to attack the lightly armed Bauhaus patrol.

I really need some more ideas, opinions, feedback, and aditional conflicts. Im just starting to play with these ideas.

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Re: Dark Eden
« Reply #1 on: December 03, 2007, 11:34:37 PM »
Dark Eden is probably the richest of all the settings in Warzone for creating scenarios. The fluff is fantastic and with so much of the world radically changed the ideas for terrain are almost endless and can vary wildly. I have run several scenarios and leagues set on Dark Eden. The first International Ranking Tournament was based on Dark Eden and was an adaptation of a scenario I had run for a few years. The following are all  scenarios The Boys form Illinois (Topkick, Southpaw and Coldthunder) have set on Dark Eden.

The Four Skulls Crusade
- This was a originally a store league and later adapted to 4 seperate scenarios and still later adapted to the tournament mentioned above. The backstory was that rumor of the four skulls had gotten out and all the factions were trying to gain control of the skulls for varying reasons.

Scenario 1 - Paris
The first scenario is a below ground combat as the various factions move thru the catacombs under old Paris in an attempt to find the shrine built by the Dark Eden Templars. In this shrine the scout ship flight deck and remains of the Capitol crew were placed along with the first skull. To win you had to recover the skull and escape off the board

Scenario 2 - Pyramids of Giza
The second scenario is a battle for control of the Pyramids of Giza. Within the pyramid complex is a small crypt holding the second skull. The clues to finding the skull crypt are carved onto obeisks placed among the terrain. The goal is to find the correct obelisks and from the clues given figure out where the skull crypt is. To win a player must first rfind the clues and then figure out where the skull is and recover it.

Scenario 3 - The Kremlin
The third skull is rumored to be in a bunker under the Kremlin. Forces battle one another for control of Moscosw and the Kremlin so that they can discover the secret bunker within the Kremlin containing the third skull. The entire board is a ruined city complex and to win a faction must control the center block which represents Red Square.

Scenario 4 - Glasgow Cathedral
Factions battle for control of the ruins of the Glascow Cathedral. After battleing their way inside, factions must find the catacombs and seek the last skull among the remains of Scotlands' greatest heroes. In addition to battling each other, factions must fight the Sons of Job who would rather die than allow the Cathedral to be desecrated.

The Four Skulls Crusade Tournament Scenario
A Brotherhood recon team had recovered the 4 keys that unlocked the Sancuary of the Four Skulls. However Valpurgis learned of this and managed to shoot down their aircraft. The Brotherhood and Valpurgis both called for all factions to scour the area and find the 4 keys in the wreckage. The original scenario had the skulls among the wreckage but Thom suggested having the keys instead.

The Four Skulls Crusade League.
This was basically a combination of the first four scenarios and smaller skirmish games. Skirmish games affected the number of troops available and included scenarios where Dark Eden factions would battle Corporate Forces or the Dark Legion. Victory or defeat would affect alliances.

The Fifth Skull
A single round tournament style game based on the premise that the Four Skulls have been found but a legendary of a Fifth Skull located in the old region once known as The United States could stop the countdown. Each faction drew a location from a cup. Opponents were matched by who drew the same location. Each location was a possible site where the fifth skull was located. Terrain was made to approximate the locations drawn. These were all underground fights as factions infiltrated the forgotten bases and found the skulls within the comlplex while defending themselves from assault by thier opponent. Each of the winners gain control of a skull but only one of them is the real skull - the others are decoys.

Ice Station Asimov
Imperial and the Brotherhood learn of a Cybertronic base located north of the Arctic Circle. This base may hold the proof that Cybertronic is working with the Dark Legion. Brotherhood and Imperial forces assault the base in an attempt to gain proof of Cybertronic's complicity with the minions of the Dark Soul.

Ghosts of War
Bauhaus advisors accompany Rasputin forces to an abandoned Schloss in the Black Forest to investigate rumors of Dark Legion activity. There they find that Valpurgis has raised the dead form Dark Eden's past wars in an attempt to corrupt the region.

The Gathering
The Grand Prophet has passed and the tribes are gathering to see who will take his place. These are dangerous times! If the wrong person (or creature) survives the test, the shadow of darkness could rule the Cresentians for the next 50 years.

The Purging
A rare truce between the Templars and the Sons of Rasputin is destroyed when a Rasputin force attacks a Templar village.

Death Before Dishonor
Templar forces attempt to raid a Dark Legion Stronghold to rescue or if necesary kill Templar warriors that have been captured by Valpurgis' minions before they can be converted into Cursed Legionnaires.

I'm sure there are others but I am too tired to track them down right now and this ought to be a good jumping off point. Feel free to try any of these and alter them to fit your gaming style. Have fun.

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Re: Dark Eden
« Reply #2 on: May 17, 2020, 02:20:47 PM »
Very cool fluff!!
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Re: Dark Eden
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<Cool stuff!!
Its not the dog in the fight, its the fight in the dog!

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