Author Topic: Impressions Terrain Challenge launched over at MiniRealms...  (Read 2395 times)

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Impressions Terrain Challenge launched over at MiniRealms...
« on: November 24, 2005, 11:51:50 AM »
The topic in the third Impressions Challenge this year will be: Terrain Building!

Announcing the start of the Impressions Terrain "Temples of the Cargo Cult" Challenge.

For this challenge, you are to make a terrain piece. The terrain piece can be for any game system, with the following requirements:

- The terrain piece functions as a Supply Point for your game system. This must be more than just a pile of goods, there must be a structure (or remains of a structure) housing them.

- The terrain piece must be able to service 15 of your "normal" sized minis. That means they must fit inside or be docked to... whatever is appropriate for the game system.

-You may not use anything sold as completed terrain in your Supply Point.

-Spending limits for the challenge are as follows: 20,
30 or $35, sales taxes not included. People that are participating in the optional electrical challenge have a spending limit of 26, 39 or $45.50, sales taxes not included. If you are using another currency, please apply the appropriate conversion rate.

-The Supply Point must be worn. Its been there a while. It should show signs of use; ruts, grime, dents, carbon scoring, whatever fits in your game system, its been around.

-The Supply Point has combat damage.

-Optional, the Supply Point has working electric "effects". Lighting effects must be by LED.

People interested in particpating must register for the challenge and post their intentions by December 9th. Final entries must be posted by February 13th. That gives you a little over two weeks to decide to participate and two months to complete it.

Good luck and have fun.

For the full announcement and further information, visit the Impressions Terrain Contest section at MiniRealms.

Note that this is not a commercial event - contestants will vie for bragging rights and nothing else. It's meant as good clean fun and motivation to get some terrain building done and maybe try out a new technique or two, and to ogle gorgeous terrain pieces and have your own work ogled in return.

Looking forward to seeing some of you among the participants! Coil already signed up, so do you really wanna be outdone by a Swede?  ;)  :D