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4-state militia battle reports
« on: September 04, 2007, 08:20:11 AM »
2 battle reports, first one is short.

Crystal House, allied with House of Helios, 750 points each vs. Firstborn of 1500 points

a straight out battle with some terrain, including a large forrest in the middle of the board with a river running through it and a bridge.

firstborn had a large unit of swordsmen, 10 crossbowmen, large unit of black sisters, large unit of macemen, 3 repulsar knights, repulsar knight marksmen, mounted axemen, more or less

helios:  sisters of the flame, militia, axemen, golden mask warrior, red lotus eater, warrior of the sun

crystal house:   3 units of dream warriors, 1 crystal knight, crystal lotus eater

first turn, nothing special

second turn, the red lotus eater casts engulfing flames and flames up a bunch of crossbowmen.. this is the way the whole game would work

the left side of the board had the crossbowmen, supported by macemen and repulsar.  vs helios forces, crossbow fire, flame lance and fireball were had by all with helios gaining the upper hand

the right side of the board had the remaining firstborn, minus the mounted axemen and swordsmen, as they were attempting to take the bridge, opposed by helios militia

the crystal lotus and firstborn had tremedous hand to hand fight, with firstborn gaining the slight edge due to repulsar help.  the crystal lotus eater only got 1 spell off successfully a sky chariot of dream warriors into the remaining 2 black sisters, which they killed.  the crystal house gained valuable time, until the helios were able to move their way, with unscathed sisters of the flame and red lotus eater leading the way.  the battle quickly turned on the firstborn, who choose to retire.

Battle Report 2

Cannonball v. Troy-the-just

cannonball with his whipping boys the first born, 1500 points:  big unit swordsmen, 2 units of crossbowmen, big unit of black sisters, big unit of macemen, 2 repulsar knights, a mounted axemen, and a Chronomancer

troy with his knewly acquired SOK (thanks wedge).  a full unit of tribal warriors, including standard bearer, (deflection) and horn blower (godess), 3 units of viridian lords, a unit of slingers, a viridian lord champion, wyyrd, 3 black sister champions.

this was straight battle highlighting some new and exceptional terrain features by cannonball, including a L shaped rockhill witha  small doorway in the middle.

firstborn lined up with crossbowmen, supported by repulsar on their right flank, opposed poorly by i unit of viridian lord, and slingers, a VL champion

the middle was supported by the full swordsmen contingent for the firstborn and chronomancer, mounted axemen  and repulsar knight, vs. the full band of tribal warriors and Blade maiden champion (BMC)

the remaining flank housed the black sisters, macemen, repulsar knight vs. 2 units of VL, and 2 BMC

it was round 3 before the real action began... the crossbowmen destroyed the slingers, after they launched a largely ineffectual attack on the swordsmen.  The VL were hidden by terrain, holding back an all out advance by the crossbowmen.

the center saw the engagement of the tribal warriors and swordsmen, with the tribal warrios cutting them down.,  prompting the first born to bring up 2 repulsars to support, and to send the mounted axeman over as well.

the remaining flank saw the SOK garrisoning the rocky hill, with VL guarding one flank and the door, each supported a BMC, the wyyrd was in support of them and the middle looking to help.

turn 4 saw the crossbowmen open up at long range to help out the failing swordsmen, causing only 1 casualty, the tribal warriors decimate the swordsmen, who broke.    The mounted axemen (accelerated by the chronomancer) was intercepted by the on wait BMC, who does 2 wounds to his 1, ending the turn.  THe VLC moves to counter the 2 repulsars moving in.  The black sisters are activated, moving into and through the mountain fortress, but they dont engage, with 1 black sister holding the doorway, encourgaging the VL to come forward, the macemen supported by a repulsar, move to flank the rocky fortress, outnumbering the VL, they engage, no damage is down to VL, but the VL only kill 1 macemen, thanks to great saves by cannonball, and 2 20's by myself, the repulsar closes, to intercept the BMC. 

(turning point), the wyyrd, casts the spear of LLYR, on the black sisters, killing 4, before they save, leaving only 2 surviving, and cannonball cursing my ju ju.

Next turn, tribal warriors engage repulsars causing 2 wounds on 1.  they are then cut down by the repulsars.  The VLC charges and hits the chronomancer, misses throwing his axe, hits the chronomancer once, who saves, then the chronomancer kills the VLC.

The BMC moves to engage the macemen, and is intercepted by the repulsar, BMC wins the roll and attacks first, killing the repulsar, much to cannonballs misery.  the remaining VL chop the macemen, who break.

the other group of VLC moves to intercept the crossbowmen who finish off the remaing tribal warriors, after 1 BMC kills the wounded repulsar, and injures the other before her death.

last turn.  1 wounded replusar, 1 broken swordsmen, 3 brokenmacemen, plus greatmacemen and 10 crossbowmen for firstborn

2 untis of VL, 1 BMC, remain for SOK.

VL move around avoiding outright assualt from crossbowmen, who are firing and retreating.  wounded repulsar is finished off by BMC.

1 unit of VL charge the macemen, not quite reachign them, but 3 of 4 axes hit, killing 3, the other unit does engage killing 1 on the charge.  now engaged the firstborn crossbowmen have no choice, they retire, the macemen and swordsmen never rally.

a close but good victory for the SOK, once again no pics, dog o war cancelled at the last minute.  good fun, learned alot abotu the sok

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Re: 4-state militia battle reports
« Reply #1 on: September 04, 2007, 01:20:53 PM »
 Nice Battle Reports it is good to know that there are still people playing the game.I might even get to have a game as I have got someone interested in it.If you get the chance could you post pictures of the Forces and scenery you mentioned.
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Re: 4-state militia battle reports
« Reply #2 on: September 06, 2007, 06:58:18 AM »
Great reports!!  Sounds like you guys are having a lot of dice and pewter moving around out there.
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Re: 4-state militia battle reports
« Reply #3 on: September 06, 2007, 09:06:45 AM »
     Man, I wished I hadn't missed that one.  Oh well, you can't play them all. :)  I would dearly have loved to see the look on 'ol Canonball's face when you took out his Sistah's with the Spear O' Llyr.  I can just see the veins poppin out when you did that.
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Re: 4-state militia battle reports
« Reply #4 on: September 06, 2007, 10:11:18 AM »
     Man, I wished I hadn't missed that one.  Oh well, you can't play them all. :)  I would dearly have loved to see the look on 'ol Canonball's face when you took out his Sistah's with the Spear O' Llyr.  I can just see the veins poppin out when you did that.

it was great,  you have seen it before, when you flamed him up, cut down his crossbowmen in turn 1, etc..  i didnt see too many veins, then again, i was rolling around on the floor, laughing uncontrollably as he failed 4 saving throws.  then he cursed majic, sok, and the firstborn