Author Topic: How much for Commanding Presence?  (Read 5474 times)

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How much for Commanding Presence?
« on: September 21, 2005, 10:01:48 AM »
So as long as we're talkin' about Dalton's Blackbloods kickin' my Dwarves butts, I thought I would share an idea he had.  It all started when I converted a Confrontation dwarf into Field Marshal Vengan, a Vulture hero, with a hacksaw.  I gave'em almost identical stats to Count Elithrion from the Obsidian Serpents, and then had my own hero.  Not to be outdone, Dalton created his own hero, by giving an Ogre Deathseeker commanding presence.  We tacked on about 15 points for General Aziz, and just winged it.  Now that we're seein' Warmaster and all these new ideas from Cerulean Mists, I thought I would pose the question to y'all.  Do you think we were close with this number?

I'm hoping the supplement will have concrete point costs for tweaking individuals and grunts.  Thoughts?
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