Author Topic: A battle report, but not the one you're looking for.  (Read 3313 times)

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A battle report, but not the one you're looking for.
« on: November 05, 2005, 10:35:41 PM »
Ok. I was going to do a map of the battlefield and all that of the Battle UrbanShocker and I did the Saturday before the  VOAD encounter. But hey, I'm too lazy to do that. Besides, I'm sure he'll want another rematch the next time he is on vacation. It was an 800 pt battle.

The battle started off like this:

Capt #345Frrt took the information in from his commandhelm. He was quite suprised to find the TA-6500 had spotted an unprotected mortar team on the right flank, behind some hedges. There was also a heavy infantry squad in the center as well with a rocket launcher looking at the TA-6500.  On the left flank, the enhanced chassuer scouts had spotted a unit of Desert Skorpions. He sent the commands to the units in the task group, all units will be deployed on the right flank, to take out that mortar. Borg, Org, (the two enhanced chassuers), would stay put and hold the left flank as long as they can.

<<Players side note, both of us used recon units. His was Jake Kramer, spotting my chassuer unit that had been deloyed as my far right unit, I had spotted three units. On my right, I had 1 squads of chassuers, a Attila squad with Skorpion support, and the TA6500, in the middle I had the other squad of chassuers, and Captain Ferret, (the chassuer captain) deployed in the center. The two enhanced chassuers were deployed in the ruined buidings on the left, one on the 1st story, the other on the third. Also on my left flank, I had placed my two dummy cards. Capitol was more dispersed, with the sunset strikers, desert skorpions (spotted) and  sunset striker captain on my left, the heavey infantry in the middle (spotted), and a mortar team (spotted), light infantry squad, Jake Kramer on the right. He had placed his dummy cards on either side of the heavy infantry squad.

In the center were five buildings,  some walls conected to the center building, flanked by some ruined buildings one the left and right, and some hedges deployed close to the four courners of the board. The board I have is 6'by 4', and we had deployed on the 6' edge. There was also a 6" "road" running down the center of the board>>

Turn 1:
The heavy infantry squad opened up on the poor TA-6500. In an amazing display of superior craftmanship
survived (and poor Capitol markmanship  ::) ), took only 2 wounds, and some "minor weapons damage".

Captain ferret a little shocked at this stroke of good fortune, proceeded to order the TA-6500 out of the heavy infantry squad's fire line, behind one of the buildings. Firing on Jake Kramer, and wounding him in the pocess.

The desert skorpions advanced on the enhanced chassuers, firing into the position. and wounded an enhanced chassuer. The chassuers on my extreme right were next to act. They first two chassuers took careful aim and wiped out the mortar team (two crits   :)). Some of the other chassuers then proceeded to fire at the heavy infantry, taking out one of them.

After that the sunset strikers advanced on my left flank. The attilla squad then activated. Kramer took an autocannonround to the chest and keeled over. The skorpion advanced and fired one AP missle into the heavy infantry squad, was off slightly, but still killed three heavy infantry, including the rocket launcher. It then darted for cover behind some ruins. The light infantry advanced towards the chassuers on my far right. However, they did not wound any.

The enhanced chassuers fired a couple of rounds that were carefully aimed, but only took out one desert skorpion. The sunset striker captain advanced toward the enhanced chassuers, with his flame thrower. Lastly the center chassuer squad got a  few shots off at some heavy infantry, not doing much and Captain Ferret tuned toward the left flank and waited for someone to pop around the corner of the building he was beind.

End turn 1:Cybertronic casualties:0 Capitol:9

Turn 2:

Captain Frrt digested the information comming in. He sent out an order to the enhanced chassuers to withdraw to his area. Before that could happen the Sunset striker captain torced one of the enhanced chassuers, and killed him. The other enhanced chassuer jumped from three stories to saftey. And survived unhurt. (Could it be the shoes ???). This was followed by the desert skorpions and sunset strikers advancing on the enhanced chassuers.

On the right the light infantry squad killed one chassuer and hit the dirt (went MP). Then the TA6500 fired into the light infantry, killing the LMG. And moved forward. The heavy infantry then fired upon the Attila squad, causing 2 wounds to one of the Attilas. The attailas fought back, killing some light infantry as well as putting in a rocket into the heavy infantry. The heavy infantry were eliminated, leaving only trhe light infatry on this flank. The chassuer squad on the far right opened fire , killing a few more light infantry, causing them to panic.

The center units then turned towards the same direction as Capt Frrt, spreading out in the process.
End turn 2:Cybertronic casualties:2 Capitol:18

Turn 3: To sum it up. The last enhanced chassuer saw the opputunnity to kill the Sunset Strikers flame thrower specialst. He charged him, and  killed him ironically with his flame thrower. The remaining sunset striker then hacked the enhanced chassuer to pieces. The attila squad advanced, and shot a rocket at the desert skorpions, killing all but the Sgt.  He tried to rally the light infantry, but to no avail, and remaining light infantry were killed. At this point, with the death benefits mounting, the capitol Army surrendered. 

End turn 3:Cyber tronic casualties 3 Capitol 24, kill ratio1:8. Wounds ration 9 to 25. I put the wounds ration to account for the fact that a good portion of my troops had multiple wounds, however,only three models were knocked out of comission.

I'll let Urbanshocker add his two cents now.
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Re: A battle report, but not the one you're looking for.
« Reply #1 on: November 07, 2005, 03:17:16 AM »
Uh oh, bad day for Capitol. But Cybertronic Forces are always very tough.
I would have added more firepower against Cyber with Orcas.
Was there a mission goal? I don't see one.
So I would go with the Marines and keep in distance. No storming actions with high casulties.

Marines! Lets kick some A S S!

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Re: A battle report, but not the one you're looking for.
« Reply #2 on: November 07, 2005, 11:14:54 AM »
Yes it was a bad day for Capitol. I didn't have my orca's with me so I didn't use.  I not going to say much except Yeah... It was that type of battle.

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Re: A battle report, but not the one you're looking for.
« Reply #3 on: November 08, 2005, 09:48:21 AM »
I'd say so.

I don't think sitting at range would of helped as my chasseurs had an effective AR rating of 21, at least against ballistic weapons. Plus my guys had laser sights and an attila squad to boot (and they were about 25pts each too).

I was impressed with the utility of the recon squads, I found them very valuable, despite fact that I mainly got them to prvent infiltrators from deploying in near my depoloyment zone. (and suprise no rangers!)
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