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Climate Table
« on: November 02, 2005, 02:11:16 PM »
Posted by Nazgul []

This is a table I came up with one night for randomly determining climate conditions for a battle (rather than playing Icy conditions, then deciding to play SoK). It is a simple 1d20 chart, with clarifications to follow.

1.  OF (2 SG), Icy & FC (SoK)
2.  OF (SG), Icy & FC (2 SoK)
3.  OF
4.  OF
5.  HoJ
6.  HoJ (SG), Desert (2 Stygian)
7.  HoJ (2 SG), Desert (Stygian), FC (2 SoK)
8.  Desert (Stygian), HoJ (2 SG)
9.  Desert
10. Desert
11. Desert (Stygian), Icy (2 SoK)
12. Desert (Stygian), Icy (2 SoK)
13. Desert (2 Stygian), Icy (SoK)
14. Icy
15. Icy
16. Icy & FC
17. FC
18. FC
19. FC (SoK)
20. FC (2SoK), OF (SG)

    Abbreviations and Explanations:

        * OF: Outer Fringes of Jungle and Swamp (Fallen Lands)
        * HoJ: Heart of the Jungle (Fallen Lands)
        * Desert: Desert (Land of Two Rivers)
        * FC: Forest Covered (Sons of Kronos)
        * Icy: Deep Snowdrifts, Icy Surfaces and Climate from Sons of Kronos
        * SG: Swamp Goblins and/or Jade Elves
        * SoK: Sons of Kronos

    Any climate condition followed by parenthesis only occurs if the army in parenthesis is participating in the battle. If a 2 precedes the army designation, then the climate occurs only if both armies are of that designation. The list will not work if 3 or more terrain influencing armies are in use. It is designed for 2 player games.

So the concept is that it gives standard armies a 60% chance of fighting in standard terrain, while giving terrain-specific armies a greater chance of fighting on "home turf" as it were. As an example. A battle normally has a 10% chance of being fought in a desert, because, well, who would want to fight in a desert? But if a Stygian army were playing, there'd be a 20% chance, as that's where you're most likely to run into stygians. And if there were two Stygian armies, the chance increases to 40%, with 20% chance of standard terrain and a slight chance for the other terrains (because even the Stygians would get bored fighting in the desert all the time!).
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Re: Climate Table
« Reply #1 on: November 05, 2005, 08:31:03 AM »
This and the mist rules are really good stuff.  Thanks Firstborn. 
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