Author Topic: All my warzone for trade UPDATED 7-12-07  (Read 2418 times)

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All my warzone for trade UPDATED 7-12-07
« on: June 18, 2007, 03:51:04 PM »
After years of telling my self i will play again I think i have ot face the music I don't think I will.

I have a large bauhaus army i would like to trade off. I will work on the list(if anyone is interested) but I have lots of milita, hussars and blitsers. With a few of the other models. I have some battle suits vulcan and the other one.

Off the top of my head i have 125+ minis and most are bare metal or plastic(some milita are plastic) I would guess at about 175 minis total.

In trades I am interesed Void, SST, Wargods, FOW, axis and allies minis(navel mainly)  Or I will sell the lot for $2 a fig(if you get them all) but I will have to get the list for that

100 milita (70 plastics)
35 Hussars
18 blisters
12 misc (not sure)
5 battle suits

I also have 10 or so that I don't know what they are but I think brother hood

I will take $150 for all the minis plus shipping


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