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FAQ- Official Chronopia Spell Clarifications
« on: October 24, 2005, 08:57:44 PM »

LAST UPDATED: 11/24/2007
This section covers any issues that may arise from the spells listed in the core rulebook.

1) Can "Greater Desert Wyrm" be cast on suspended terrain? What about elevated terrain?

*** No. This spell causes a Greater Wyrm to surface briefly much like the creature that Jabba the Hutt tried to feed Luke Skywalker to in the Star Wars movie. If the model is on ground level it is vulnerable. If the elevation (ie bridge) is completely within the template (both ends), then yes as well. It does not rise up like a Desert or Tenebrous Crawler.

2) Regarding the Alchemists Firebomb. Can it be aimed? Can you concentrate with it too? Can you target the ground and if so how does it work?

***Aimed??? Yes, as the Alchemist is throwing the bomb (ie-using his RC stat), he may spend an action to aim. You may not concentrate and aim in the same activation however.

***Concentrate??? Yes, though not because this is a spell. The roll against PW is to simulate whether the Alchemist has successfully mixed the chemicals within his amphora, which he may adjust before throwing. He might do this as the prospect of highly volitile chemicals being carried around is not one even the Alchemists like and incrreasing their likelihood of combustion is something best left for when they get rid of it. Sure the Firebomb is effective as is, but they can juice it up. You may not concentrate and aim in the same activation however.

***In the end, an Alchemist may opt to improve his chances for hitting, or improve his chances of a volitile chemical reaction but not both.

***Targeting the Ground??? Yes, the spell does this, and it does so for these reasons:
1) It may remove terrain obstructions vulnerable to fire.
2) It may be used to deter movement and heard enemies to where you want them.
3) It allows the Alchemist to maximize his effective spash area, especially in the event it deviates.

Considering the intent of the option to target terrain, you may target terrain features or areas that maximize its usefulness.

---- You must still afford cover bonuses when targeting models in cover (when applicable). If your placement somehow neutralizes that, well played. You should however have a viable target within LOS of course.

----You must always target enemy warband within 12" of the Alchemist and within LOS though you may focus on the unit as a whole and not the closest model in the warband. This means you would target either the ground amidst them.

----If a model is somehow hidden, and the Alchemist is unaware of his presence, then that model should not be targeted actively or passively (by aiming at nearby ground). If they are hidden afterall they not known to be there. If a hidden model is caught in the deviation or splash from a legitimate target, apply normal rules for the Firebomb including any cover. This should not be an area of abuse or rules lawyering, the intent is clear. If there is a legitimate target that could also affect the hidden model, so be it. If there is nothing near the hidden model there would be no reason (in most cases) to do anything near him. Good judgement should be applied.

----Please note, this covers hidden-type models, not simply ones who have the benefit of cover. The chameleon special ability is an example of this (and yes, aiming the Firebomb when attacking a model with chameleon abilities will reduce the RC penalty to -2).

3) How is Corrosion (a Devout Spell) cumulative if you can only cast it once successfully?

***The wording could be better I suppose. The answer is this:
     ---A Necromancer may attempt to cast any spell as often as he can until he succeeds.
     ---A successful corrossion spell can only be cast by one Necromancer a turn.
     ---Multiple Necromancers may cast this spell on the same target to cumulative effect.
     ---A single Necromancer may cast the spell on the same targets on subsequent turns.

The only point missing from the text is that the DEF bonus has a maximum adjustment of -4. Armor meanwhile has a maximum degradation of AR 12.

4) When it says a model may not cast a spell more than once per turn, does it mean successfully cast the spell or attempt the spell?

***A model may ATTEMPT to cast a spell as often as it can until it succeeds or runs out of available actions. ATTEMPTS do not equal actual casting.

5) How much of a model is needed to be visible for a spell to target it?

***As long as the model may be seen (ie:hard cover) it may be affected. Remember we are not talking about an exposed foot or hand, but a viable target.

6) Does the Blizzard Spell, (page 249) block LOS for thrown weapons?

***Yes, for the puroses of the spells intent, LOS is blocked for both thrown and missile weapons.
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