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FAQ- Official Chronopia Game Clarifications
« on: October 24, 2005, 08:51:24 PM »

LAST UPDATED: 02/08/06 by Coil
This section covers any areas that may need clarification from the rules section of the core book.

1) Do Natural Attacks have their ST values added to the stated Damage of the attack. It states as much under the explanation.

*** No they do not. Editing left off the statement that "Natural Attacks have had these calculations done for you". What is shown under Damage is the complete amount of the attack. Some may wonder why some models don't do more damage. This is fine. We take the position that skill and ability is as much a factor, if not more so, than just bulk. An Abyss Crawler for example has a gore attack of 12 x2. While his horn is fearsome, its true power is purely derived from the ST of the model, not from either skill or weapon enchantment. By extension smaller models may actually be able to score more vicious wounds than larger ones, through a combination of their weapon selection and skill with the weapon.

2) The Crystal Knight (page 238) states that it grants a -2 to the CC and MW of the opponent. What does MW mean?

***The MW abbreviation stands for Missile Weapon. This was the abbreviation that was previously used in Chronopia to denote what we now call RC, or ranged combat. This convention was changed to make the transition betwen Chronopia and Warzone seemless. The sentence should state that it is "-2 to the CC and RC to any enemy models within 4 inches of the knight."

3) How does a "Tunneling" model emerge from the ground and can you prevent a tunneler from emerging by moving your models over its location?

*** Fair question. A tunneling model is marked by a tunneling counter while it is below ground. It takes one action to surface. Since a tunneling model will surface during your turn and its activation, there really is no way for an oppnent's model to move to a position above you. if they were moving, it wouldn't be your turn anyway. An enemy may move above a tunneler and when the tunneler's turn to activate comes, it will have to move at least for one action before surfacing. Surfacing does not count as an attack action and is therefore not subject to countercharge actions.

4) Why are dwarves size 2 and skeleton ones size 1?

***The Dwarves are afforded a Size 2 based on the fact that they are bulked up and well armored. Size 2 covers everything from a range of sizes in the human spectrum. The skeletal Dwarves are not bulked up, quite the contrary in fact. They are little more than desicated corpses and are smaller than they living counterparts. It isn't that their frames are different, but the addition of flesh, muscle and heavy armor adds a bit to the height.

5) Can you charge a model, say around a corner, even if you don’t have LOS to it at the start of that action?

***NO. you must be able to see the target in order to charge it.

6) If I start the turn in a models front facing and move around to its rear facing, does it still lose it’s shield bonus?

***Follow the rules listed on page 84 under Backstab when trying to determine a charge to a models rear facing. If a model started its activation it your front facing, it’s fairly simple to keep an eye on him. However if you are already in contact with an enemy model, you are unable to turn to meet the new threat, so if he gets to your back arc (remember that you must charge using the most direct path possible) you DO lose your shield bonus. Also remember that you can countercharge a model moving past you.

7) When making an attack with a multiple damage weapon, like the maiming polearm, and I roll a 1, my opponent takes 1 wound automatically, then gets a normal armor save for the other 2 (page 93). But do I get to roll for those other 2 wounds to try and make them automatic as well?

***NO. Just follow the rule on page 93. With a x3 weapon that would be 1 auto wound 2 normal armor saves. No other rolls are necessary or allowed.

8 ) Say I have a hidden unit still being represented by its unit card, and I move within my LD value of one of his unrevealed cards. Does he have to flip his card while mine remains face down?

***In order to reveal an enemy card the “seeing” model must be on the board. This is because models can end up placed up to 4” away from the center of the unit card, which affects the measured distance, plus the specific LD of the model needs to be known. So you must place the unit, but a hidden or stalking marker is placed next to it. Note that if the model is “Stalking” he still may be placed up to 3” from his “apparent location” when he is finally revealed. You do not have to do this, as you may want your units identity to remain secret, however since they are busy hiding they are unable to pass the identity of the enemy to the rest of their army and the enemy card remains unflipped.

9) Can "False Leads" be used to move forward like the Hidden/Stalk troops? Also, if you play the Stygian and use the special spell of "Shadow of Tiamat" and only move troops, will this include Deployment Cards for "False Leads" as well?

***YES. A false lead can simulate any unit from the army, even if you are not playing with one in your force. So a firstborn player could “pretend” to have a Nightwalker even if he doesn’t. You may move the False Lead exactly as if it were that unit, but remember that false leads are revealed as soon as a enemy unit gets within LOS & its LD in inches. False Leads can be moved with “Shadow of Tiamat” just as if they were real troops.

10) Residual Damage: If you roll a 20 on your armor roll, how much damage do you take?

*** You take 1 wound and must continue to roll armor saves until you succeed or die. There is no specific fumble for residual damage because there is no perfect success.

11) Do the Goblin Myrmidon, Swamp Fiend, Double Mounted Kutara &/or War Torka count as Missile Weapon units for the purpose of the 40% ratio?

***Yes for Double Mounted Kutara &/or War Torka. No for Myrmidon & Swamp Fiend

12) Can the Soulflayer use her Balefire Special ability when in base contact with enemy models. How about Feast, casting spells or other actions. How about the Actions Give Orders or Rally? The Rules state that you MAY make a melee attack in when bases to base contact with an enemy, Page 60. It also states that’s the ONLY action you may take on page 65.

***Once in base to base contact with an enemy, you may make a Melee attack, a Special attack (Balefire, Ophidian acid attack, etc., unless it specifically prohibits it like the Venom spawn), Rally, Give Orders or attempt to Break Away. You may NOT Feast, Cast spells (unless it says so), or perform any other Action.

13) Before and or after a move action it states you may face in any direction. Trample is a type of Move action, but states that it must be in a straight line. Does this mean I can change facing and then Trample in a straight line or that I must Trample straight ahead from my CURRENT facing.

***You may not change facing when making a Trample, either before OR after. This means that a model that has Trample but only 2 AC cannot Trample, then Trample again in a different direction (though he could continue his Trample along the same line as his first).

14) Concerning the Shield Wall special ability. Do all models in the unit have to form a shield wall or can some members form a wall while others perform other actions?

***You need at least 2 models to form “Shield Wall”. You do not have to use all models in the unit.

15) Can a model with the “Leap” ability attack a flyer at height band 2?

***Yes, leaping up to make an attack is no different than a flyer darting down to make an attack. Models may leap a vertical distance equal to their size. So simply add that distance to the model’s height to see what height bands it could affect.

16) Ok, my model is charged from its rear facing. While I can't countercharge, can I stand fast or brace?

***No you can not. If the model that is attacking does so from the rear of the model (thus outside its forward arc), the model did not see the attack coming. In essence, you are not allowed to respond from Wait at all from this type of maneuver. Looking back on this question, the rule on page 62 of the core rulebook should have read "Cannot receive a charge" instead of "Cannot Countercharge". Since Countercharge, Standfast and Brace are all options for "receiving a charge", none of these can be used when attacked from the rear facing. I thought this was obvious.

17) Page 58 of the Chronopia Core Rulebook states that a model "can also turn as it makes an attack in close combat". Doesn't that mean any model will have an effective 360-degree attack arc, instead of the 180-degree arc listed?

***The statement on page 58 was intended to address being able to turn and charge a model that is not in the forward arc with a single action. Once engaged from behind in close combat, the issue is very different. Models with a 180-degree firing arc must spend a Move action to turn and one to attack. They do not get to turn and attack with the same action. Needless to say, models with a 360-degree firing arc do not suffer this limitation.

18) If a model can turn and charge a model that isn't in the forward arc, wouldn't that be charging a model that is not in LOS, since LOS is limited to the forward arc?

***The text on page 48 may be misleading. Models can see 360-degrees, but only react in a timely fashion to what is in their front arc. It is legal for them to turn and charge a model in the rear arc during their activation. That's what the text on page 58 was attempting to clarify. It is important to note that once engaged from the rear in close combat, the attacked model must spend a Move action to turn and a subsequent Action to attack. The attacked model cannot turn and attack with a single action, since that action is not a charge.

19) Can models on wait, dive for cover from a trample that originates in their rear arc?

***No. Dive for cover assumes the attack is both seen coming and a template.

20 ) I know that an individual within 4" of a friendly warband counts as part of that warband for targetting purposes. What about another warband?


21) What if Risen are within 12" of the missile unit? The missiliers cannot affect the Risen with their weapons so do they HAVE to target them?

***Yes, the missiliers must target the Risen even though they cannot affect them.

22) How many wounds does The Damned's Soul Consumption power restore?

***Soul Consumption will restore all damage to the Damned. It is a potent power. If this was unclear I apologize. I had assumed the sentence "restore damage to itself" was obvious since it avoided the phrase "restores one wound" as is used in other places in the book. I wonder now how often this was misplayed.

23) Can Dwarven Warshields use their Hail of Arrows attack while in Shield Wall formation?

***No they may not. Shield Wall is a formation tactic requiring specific demands on the WS. HoA on the other hand requires full attention/focus on it. The two are mutually exclusive.

24) Which units can use their Shields (or other) while wielding their two-handed weapons? It is implied some can in the rulebook.

***It seems this editing issue was missed so I have included these below.
      Orc Assault Warriors: Yes they use their shields and spears in CC.
      Ogre Myrmadon Bull Cavalry: Yes, they may use their shields and spear in CC.
      Elven Spearmen: No they may not use their Shields while in CC. You must add +1 to their DEF when they get into CC.
      Horned One Warshields: Yes, they may use their shields and hammers in CC.
      Iron Guard: Yes they use their shields and spears in CC.
      SG Spearmen: Yes they may use their shields and spears in CC.
      SG Heavy Spearmen: Yes, they may use their shields and spears in CC.

25) If a model is moving near an enemy model (not running) and the enemy model comes off wait to charge it, does the moving model get a charge bonus as well?

***In the event of the above, your moving model goes into countercharge and, as it clearly states on page 66 "Normal charging bonuses to CC and DAM apply to both models in combat resulting from countercharge."

26) Regarding Polearms, I have a few questions about how they work in CC?

*** No problem, here it is:
   A) Do polearms get a multiple attacker bonus? YES THEY DO.
   B) Do they get the +1 to CC and DAM? YES THEY DO.
   C) Does a model attacked by a polearm still get to apply his DEF? YES HE DOES.

27) How many models may surround another in CC?

***Do determine eligibility for group attacks, the rule of thumb in the book could be better. We have found the rule of four will lead to impracticalities when large SZ differences occur. We recommend the following:
"If models are equal in SZ, up to four may surround it and attack. For each point of SZ difference, one attacker is either subtracted or added."
For example: Gobbos (SZ1) surround and Ogre (SZ3) they would be able to attack with six models (four + two for each point of size greater). If the example were revearsed, then only 2 Ogres would be able to properly attack a Goblin (base 4-2 for the SZ difference=2)

28 ) Can you Run a figure into base contact with an enemy model?


29) Can you please describe once and for all how "Stalk" works in the Chronopia game. In the one thread where it was discussed, it was still uncertain as to whether the model with Stalk is "immune" to combat (like splashes from template weapons etc...) until HE initiates combat himself (at which time he becomes visible). Also, the figures with Stalk in Chronopia don't have "Hide" - so it is a one shot deal that seems fairly expensive to the unit if it can be spotted as you would any other hiding figure.

***I can see why there may be some confusion here. Stalking models are assumed to be hiding and can thus go back into stalk mode assuming they are not in LOS or with 6" of enemy models (as per hide). All these types of abilities are generally graduated affects. As for whether a template affects them in Stalking mode, they currently do not.

30) LEAP Does Run interact somehow with the Leap ability? I mean, can a Stygian Run and then Leap in the same round? A Stygian Leaps and attacks (charge) an enemy model. Can anyone (including the attacked model's allied models) use their wait action and countercharge the Stygian?

*** A Stygian may run and then leap in the same round, yes. As it is currently, there is no way to use wait to countercharge a leap attack. Even nearby models not being attacked may not do so.

31) If a mounted unit/chariot is on wait and it want's to use it, do I roll a LD check for each member of that unit or just once using with the highest LD?

*** Once with the highest LD.

32) Can a unit begin a trample while in CC? Does it have to break away? While on the subject, what are the available actions a unit can make while in CC?

***Since Trample is a glorified move action, you cannot perform it while engaged in CC. You must break away from CC first before you can even do this. As for what actions can you legally use while in cc, they are: attack and break away.

33) What happens when a unit card falls under a template.

***Nothing. Accidental overlaps do not apply to cards.

34) You stated before that the Standard of Concealment helps against Hail of Arrows. In what way exactly? Since the opposing leader just needs LOS to the unit and uses his LD, the penalty to RC does not come into effect at some point. Is the penalty to RC translated as a penalty to LD or DAM?

*** It is translated to the LD score of the Leader making the roll.

35) Undead need to have their clarification corrected. It should read:

***"Unlike Infernal beings Undead are creatures who have ceased living and are either reanimated by some spell or power or are beings who have embraced undeath through their devotion to its study. Undead are immune to psychological effects like panic, fear, etc. Undead beings are also immune to Hand-Held Missile fire (this includes arrows, crossbow bolts, slings, darts, etc.). Thrown weapons such as spears affect them as normal.

36) The term Immune to Missile Weapons that shows under many undead models should be adjusted to Hand-Held Missile Weapons. Larger missile weapons like the Impaler or a ballista will damage them by virtue of the weapons size and kinetic load.

What are the effects of Sudden Freeze (page 110-111)?

37) Add the line "The movement of all models is reduced by 1 inch except" at the bottom of page 110 and the section should make more sense.
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