Author Topic: FAQ- Official Chronopia Weapons Clarifications  (Read 12002 times)

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FAQ- Official Chronopia Weapons Clarifications
« on: October 24, 2005, 08:30:03 PM »

LAST UPDATED: 10/24/05
This area will cover any weapon that needs an adjustment from the core rule book or has an amended function.

Gourd Bombs (page101):
     Add to Notes: This item should deviate if it misses its target. Follow deviation resolution methods described in the rules.

Powder Pipe (page101):
     Add to Notes: Armor Rolls are made against a Damage 10 attack.

Javelin (page 101):
     Should read: 5+ STR for the Range.

Heavy Repeating Crossbow (page 101):
     Should read: ROF: 2/1

Dragon Hammer (page 98 ):
     Should read: Fire-based +2, Bludgeoning +3

Fire Sword (page 98 ):
     Should read: Fire-based +1

Sundisk Dagger (page 98 ):
     Should read: Fire-based +2

Chariots (page 67 ):
     Chariots do not add the ST value of the beasts pulling it to the DAM in a charge, they are not classified as Mounted Troops.

Spiked Buckler Shield (page 134):
     Should read: ST+2, -1 to opponents CC score when engaged in melee. Used as a secondary attack weapon.
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