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Permission to cross the patio, daddy-o
« on: October 23, 2005, 04:09:29 AM »
Hey all, I have just came back around to this wonderful game I discovered at the 2004 Orgins Con. As you may guess it is called Warzone. Up until that Con I was a mini virgin, hell I havent even used a mini for my pen and paper RPG's until then. Anywho, I demoed the game at Origins and convinced my buddy that we just had to go halves on the starter box set. He took Bauhaus and I took Imperial, and wouldnt you know it we never had a chance to play it after that.

Now that my life is in some kind of order Im looking hard at getting this thing off the ground. So Im coming here to introduce myself and ask a few questions.

First off, I was at GenCon Indy 2005 and I looked high and low for an EE booth, but I didnt see one. Was EE not at GenCon this past time?

That leads me to the next question. What Cons are EE reasonably sure that they will be at? I can only afford to go to one or two a year at most so I need to make them count. Is Orgins a better bet than GenCon?

Aside from ordering off the net are there any retailers to anyones knowledge in NC? I live near the Raleigh area and every store Ive seen so far has nothing but Warhammer stuff. I would like to find someone that sells it local, that would also mean that someone plays it local as well. Im looking to expand the roster of people I want to try to bring pain to. :)

So anyway those are the most immediate questions and like I said I wanted to say hi and let you fellas know Im here and I have great memories of the one single game I played at Origins. Most likely I have good memories of it cause I beat the guy demoing the game.  ;D

Thanks and see ya around,


PS. Pfc_Joe are you buy chance a Marine? Just morbid curiosity.
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Re: Permission to cross the patio, daddy-o
« Reply #1 on: October 23, 2005, 04:56:50 AM »
Provided that they're not GW affiliated stores, most FLGS's will be glad to do special orders for you.

  I know that there are (or at least were) several fairly active Raleigh area gamers, try a post in the player locator to see if you can scare someone up.

I, personally,  recommend DragonCon in Atlanta, as it's a general purpose convention and has diversions and insanities of all flavors, not just gaming.  I'll be running an event or two in UWZ next year and you're more than welcome to play in.

And no, the majority of my gruff manor and charming, but slightly uncouth, demeanor actually is innate charisma tempered by the better part of a decade in one of this nations finer Senior Military Colleges.  I don't actually have any prior service other than heaps of leadership training and field training exercises.  Though I have infinite amounts of respect for the Corps I tested a little too sane to ever go out for the Marines and as such have always been an Army fanboy.

-PFC joe
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Re: Permission to cross the patio, daddy-o
« Reply #2 on: October 23, 2005, 07:20:12 PM »
Army fanbot eh? I was just wondering what inspired the pfc. It had nothing to do with your sparkling personality. :)

Spent 8 years in the Marines myself. Thanks for the info at any rate. I may have to look into getting down to ATL in '06. Im always up for trying  new Cons out. Plus the year wait time will give me a chance to get brushed up on the rules and actually get an army put together.