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Talamania happenings...
« on: May 20, 2007, 12:46:26 PM »
While I did not see too much of things, given my limited time there,  I would like to start the thread for events of the Event and other things like thoughts.

  I want to thank Josh for putting this together and Dave for hosting...   Sorry I could not stay longer... but Uncle Sam is a bastard.

  Topkick:  Next time, you'll be prepared for that army Dave hates so much is about.... and yes- the Machine is coming to Origins.  Your Rematch is up there on the need to do list.

  Coil:  You are driving Gun-Moll nuts over the goodies... and she is insisting you did not possibly get all that for US$40.  (fwiw, neithr do I but maybe you have a supplier).  In any event, pm me an address to send a international money order for some more funds towards your cost. 

  Drachen... good to see you and hope to see you more.

  Wedge- Good to meet your zoomie self.  Next time we all get to gether, definately have to get some sort of game.  ;D
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