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Re: Cybertronic Reavers
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It is my opinion that they are as written.  One wound models.  I agree that points seem to be a bit off for what they offer.  However, I cannot without a reasonable amount of playtesting, determine if they are not worth their points.

Using an example from Chronopia (I know wrong system, but I am intimately familiar with its play-testing)... people initially complained about the cost of SoK troops--specifically Berserkers v. Viridian Lords.  They cost almost exactly the same but Berserkers appear to be the weaker unit.  Not so.  We found that both performed relatively equal in multiple similar encounters.

I can only assume that play-testing came to the same conclusion with these warzone units.

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Re: Cybertronic Reavers
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The offical answer gained this weekend at TALAMANIA from Thom was that the Sgt. has 2 WD and the troopers have 1 WD. :'( :'(
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