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Re: Thanks
« Reply #15 on: April 23, 2007, 07:17:32 PM »

That was a class act post from a class act guy.

Some day our die shall cross.  Oh yes, I swear it.*

*Okay maybe not but it would be pretty kool!
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Re: Thanks
« Reply #16 on: April 24, 2007, 01:53:34 AM »
(Sniff, Sniff)

Getting all teary here.... ahem... just... a little dust in my eyes...

It's really cool that I got to know you.  Your'e good people and awesome is your infectious, booming laughter.

You are like that leader of the hawkmen in "Flash Gordon.". 

I have just been compared to Vultan - cool. ;D  "Hawkmen - dive!" (queue 80's video game music)
If sing, sang, and sung, sink, sank, and sunk, and drink, drank, and drunk, how is it that it isn't bring, brang, and brung, think, thank and thunk, and ding, dang, and dung?

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Re: Thanks
« Reply #17 on: April 24, 2007, 04:19:03 AM »

I have just been compared to Vultan - cool. ;D  "Hawkmen - dive!" (queue 80's video game music)

You my man have just reach a new level of KOOL
Goddamn! its good to be the MasherKing.
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Re: Thanks
« Reply #18 on: April 24, 2007, 04:52:10 AM »
"Hawkmen - dive!" (queue 80's video game music)

(Synth music syncopating in beat.)


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Re: Thanks
« Reply #19 on: April 24, 2007, 05:39:02 AM »
Now that's a great post to start the day with!!  Cheers! 
May the Dark Lords of Lead-Free Pewter smile kindly upon you.

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Re: Thanks
« Reply #20 on: April 24, 2007, 07:57:32 AM »

Thanks, John.  John increased my liking of the game two ways.  First, he went out of his way to be friendly and helpful.  Secondly, he schooled me in the first tourney in which I ever played without so much as dinner, beforehand, if you catch my drift.

Dave, you're welcome.

  I learned a long time ago that it pays to be nice in the games being played and to help the hobby out by being helpful to new players.  It only makes sense and its something I wish alot of 40k players I've met knew.

  As for te schooling, you did know you were going up against an experienced player... there were, at the time, some very mean wolves playing in that tourney.  You just happened face off against one that day.

  in reference for the rest... well, I was not aware I needed to buy you dinner first before I took you apart.   A drink, though, I could understand...  as it is, you gave me drinks afterward if I remember right.

  You have won most of the other games we have played (some handily, a few by a die-roll) so it's not all that bad.  You became a much better player... which is good.  Whats not so good is I have been accused of setting loose a vicious monster into the Warzones...  :D :D

 To those... my reply is:  Get yer game up and Get over it; defeat is temporary in the mini's world. :)

Congrats on the 1k.  I'll get there eventually.
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