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Re: State of the Nation
« Reply #45 on: March 16, 2007, 05:34:37 AM »
I was thought that Battletech had a HUGE fan base and something like 20yrs of being out in the market. This is what really help that game line find its legs again...also (taking a shot in the dark) most retailers,I believe, dont have any bad history with game line.


  The good experiences Retailers had with FASA and the fan-base helped alot.

Warzone had similar early on during the 1st Edition days.  The changeover to Target as sole owner hammered a few folks, especially when 2e came out.

  When the events that led to EE getting the license occured, Target and Paradox had already hammered the systems name; what momentum was there with 1st (hello thirty percent market share!!) almost evaporated, having initially being melted away with the rules... then the year(s) of silence in their fall.

  We will not discuss EE's holding of things.  That is a dead horse. :)

I think the state of the Fanbase is still healthy, though not as healthy as it could be.  With Josh's efforts for Chrono (sporting Thom's blessing helps) and what I hope to run by him, things look to be gaining a little bit of steam.

  Not alot... but at least we still have the game... and people to play with.
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Re: State of the Nation
« Reply #46 on: March 16, 2007, 09:22:26 AM »
  In essence, Battletech passed from FASA to WizKids to FanPro; two hand offs.  And is still around and starting to flourish again (it is the game that will not die, which is a good thing)

  Next question...  ;D

Sry, but CBT is in Germany down. I worked for the MechForce Germany ( ) since 1999 and CBT losts in the last 5 years most of her players. They have in germany a very activity fanbase, but the most players a very old (~28-36) and new players are pretty few.
The actually works since good examples for a good work, but they are to expensive (50-60 Euro for Totale Warfare).

Classic BattleTech lost in the next years more Gamer, because it gaves not a good Computer Games (MW5 or MC3), it didn't gaves more good books for Classic BattleTech (only in german, and they are not good), and many more.



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Re: State of the Nation
« Reply #47 on: March 21, 2007, 05:47:07 PM »
What got me out of Warzone was the second edition.  While the first edition had its problems, the revisions went too far and for me, made the factions very bland.  As long as I'm playing a dead game, I can play first edition with mods but that makes for a small group.  What do most of you play?
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Re: State of the Nation
« Reply #48 on: March 21, 2007, 06:54:11 PM »

Most of us play the 3rd edition also known as Ultimate Warzone. It is the best edition so far in the opinion of most here, and you may find it very much in tune with what you like.

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