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Maserati Dwarf Force
« on: October 03, 2005, 05:46:51 AM »
I just had a really fun time at Southern Exposure with what I call my "Maserati Dwarf Force", so called because the core was the new Desert Wolf Warriors.  They've got good CC, LD,  massive damage, made more so by Group Attack and 4" move.  That's right.  4" Move!  Fastest Dwarves in the book, and great new models to boot.
Here's the army list:
2  four man squads of Desert Wolves  360 points
1 Legion (three swords, three gauntlets, one leader) 212 points
2 Wolf Clan Scouts plus leader  147 points
4 Vulture Crossbows  156 points
1 Vulture Marksmen 60 points
1 Impaler 60 points
The look on J.P.'s face when my Impaler took out his Repulsar marksman and my Desert Wolves took out his Repulsar Knight:  PRICELESS!

The Wolf Clan is hands down going to be the one that people will be buying up when they're all finished.  They play differently than the other clans in terms of strategy.  You can really take it to the enemy with these guys, and not just have to hunker down and be a defensive army.  Give these guys a try.  Cheers.
P.S.  They took second place in the tourney. 
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