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Title: Size comparison
Post by: Horned God on November 07, 2011, 06:01:05 PM
Can anyone who owns warzone mini's, preferably Mishima, and who might have urban mammoth Triads can you post some of them for size comparison. If you have one of those Viper Wing models that would be great to add. Can I see an Ashigaur next to a Retainer? Also I saw some Bushido miniatures (a line of minis described as 32mm) they say they come with 30mm base and I wonder if someone has one and can post a size comparison with warzone (preferably mishima). They have a samurai looking model I would thinking about getting but I am curious about the size difference.

Also anyone got any Infinity minis. Can you post some of them next to warzone (Mishima especially) to see the size difference. Specifically I am looking at Yu-jing faction but I suppose others might do. LIke if you have Orc Troop.

I don't play Imperial but they have some awesome scotsmen type units. One would make a great sniper. He has a blood beret type hat.

Also if you have Clan War minis can you snap a few pics next to warzone (Mishima) so we can see the size differences.