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Title: Forming a Gaming Group
Post by: dmcgee1 on September 12, 2011, 11:25:08 AM
Hello, all,
I have finally gotten around to creating this group for all of us, and thought, "What better way to let good gamers and the boys from Maplewood know?"  http://www.facebook.com/#!/groups/155137997907697/ (http://www.facebook.com/#!/groups/155137997907697/)
This Saturday (Sept 17, 2011) is the next scheduled date, and we should all be recovered from Talamania, by now (even you, Garcia). If another date would be better, let me know.
I would like to start getting a regular schedule of games, too. I suggest we put together a list, and then choose the major game or two for the given month (does not have to be written in stone), leaving room for pickup games and free gaming for those who wish to just join the group to socialize.
With that said, for this week, I am recommending Firestorm: Armada and/or Silent Death. I am open to suggestions, and we'll put it to a vote before Thursday so that folks have a bit of time to prepare.
Also, I would like to discuss making our group somewhat official. There are several great resources out there that would allow us to stay in communication, publicly, and would increase our visibility to new players and established groups. One of these is Meetup. Some of you already know of this, while other may wish to check it out. What Facebook is to the individual, Meetup is for groups. Also, as Google+ develops, I do expect it to become an excellent application for our group, not to mention Google Docs, Gmail, etc. If we decide that we wish to start making our group a bit more organized, and such, I suggest that we add a little structure to it, e.g., an official name, leadership including a board with a chair and a treasurer. Obviously, with a treasurer, I envision dues for regular participants, and envision these dues being used for the group, including new games, accessories, etc. Obviously, I am perfectly okay with keeping things the way that they are, currently - this is merely a suggestion; if we, as a group, do not wish to go in this direction, then we shouldn't.
In any case, I look forward to seeing you all real soon.
"They may take our rules (and revise them), but they may never take our Geekdom!"
Title: Re: Forming a Gaming Group
Post by: Moe on April 21, 2012, 06:38:07 PM
did anything come of this group?
Title: Re: Forming a Gaming Group
Post by: dmcgee1 on April 23, 2012, 02:23:44 AM
The group is alive and well.  Unfortunately, some of us have had RLI's (Real Life Intrusions), but we still manage to get together and play, monthly.