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Title: Charlottesville, VA
Post by: Alpha on January 29, 2006, 12:44:15 PM
Name:  Grant Fleming
State/Province: Central Virginia
City/Town:  Lake Monticello (just outside of Charlottesville)
Games Played: UWZ, Chronopia, Mutant Chronicles, assorted other RPGs and TTGs

WARZONE: Wolfbanes, Lutherans, Dark Legion (Ilian) are my favorites, but I have and play all.
CHRONOPIA: Sons of Kronos and Devout. A few other "skirmish" forces

Additional info: Long time Crusader (and previous Freelancer). I lived for several years in the Charlotte and Raleigh areas and know quite a few gamers there. I will be more than glad to travel to that area to game or to participate in or run tournaments, etc. I of course will always be glad to hold events here if there are any other players in this area. I have a Role Playing group and hope to introduce them to WZ soon. I have no problem travelling - in fact I'm going to enjoy it more than ever now.