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Title: Atlanta Georgia
Post by: PFC joe on October 13, 2005, 06:29:04 PM
Name:  Joe  Hernandez
State/Province: Georgia
City/Town:  Atlanta
Games Played: UWZ
Armies (current points):  Capitol 2~3000+, Brotherhood 2000+, DL(in several flavors) untold many, smattering of other Corporations
Additional info: 26. I'm more or less the Regional Director for the Southeast (until I can pawn the job off on someone) as well as a member of the UWZ FAQ team.   I've started coordinating demos as well as gaming nights in the area .  I'm available for play most evenings in the metro Atlanta area or relatively nearby though I prefer the War Room (http://www.thewarroom.com").  If you have any events or FLGS's that need raidin drop a message to myself or my compatriots, Shidoshi357 and martianbanshee.

I look forward to playin ya.

-PFC joe