Author Topic: Stygian chariot.  (Read 3759 times)

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Stygian chariot.
« on: September 29, 2005, 03:36:46 PM »
Has Cerulean Mists come along enough for there to be rules avalable for the serpent chariot  ???. I have so many conversion Idea's for it I can't wait  :P. I can just see my Stygian horde surging forward with the chariot in the lead. ;D
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Re: Stygian chariot.
« Reply #1 on: September 29, 2005, 09:41:42 PM »
I'm not sure if there is going to be a Stygian Chartion in CM, I don't seem to have the index I printed handy.

There is an excellent picture on Coki's site, from the Empire Chronopia page, of a Stygian Chariot...pretty damn spiffy looking....I'd still have to kill it...but still...damn spiffy...
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Re: Stygian chariot.
« Reply #2 on: September 30, 2005, 10:01:01 AM »
@Stygian Warrior--Bill, I remember it was in the pdf of the mists content.  I'm almost perversely hoping that only a picture is available for a while so we can see your conversion concept.  Good grief! 

P.S. you may be playing in the con this weekend with some of my painted Dwarves, but after that, your horde, unpainted, primed, or painted, is due for a smackdown on our table.  Cheers.

@Southpaw--thanks for the tip to Coki's site.  I will check out the chariot pics there.  I also used a laser printer to get that Empire picture--laminate it and it makes an excellent oversize bookmark. 
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