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Warzone stuff FS/T - updated with counts and pics.
« on: September 03, 2013, 11:14:06 AM »
I have come to the realization that I am unlikely to convince my friends to play Warzone anytime soon, and thought I should find someone who will get more use out of it than sitting in my closet.  (Knowing my friends, about six months from now, one is going to say "Hey, you guys ever hear of Warzone?  We should totally check it out!", but that's another matter.)  Anyway, I'd like to move all of this at once.  I'm still taking inventory, but right now, it looks like I have the rulebook, somewhere between 1 and 2 copies of the plastic Imperial and Bauhaus troops, a Bio-Giant, a Behemoth (both missing some spikes, I believe), a dragon bike, some metal Capital figs, a dozen or more Sons of Rasputin, and probably several hundred assorted plastic Dark Legion figs (undead legionnaires, necromutants, razides, ezoghouls and nepharites, IIRC) from the Siege of the Citadel game. All told, it's probably between 300 and 400 models. Again, if anyone is interested, I can take pics and do a more complete inventory.

Update - Sorry this took so long (lots of real life stuff popped up), but I finally managed a quick count.  It looks like there is the following:

1 Bio-Giant
1 Praetorian Behemoth - pretty sure I don't have all the spikes for the bio-giant and the behemoth
83 (plastic) undead legionnaires
81 (plastic) necromutants
12 (plastic) and 1 (metal) razides
6 (plastic) ezoghoul
6 (plastic) nepharites
19 (metal) Sons of Rasputin (including 1 flammenwhatever and a machine gun)
1 Mishima dragon bike
160 plastic infantry, probably split evenly between Bauhaus and Imperial.  Not all of them may have all of their pieces - I'd assume that there are about 120 complete figs, but that's being deliberately pessimistic.
~20-30 other metal figs - some Lutheran, some Mishima, some Brotherhood, I think a Big Bob Watts, etc.  I didn't even count these.

Pics at the links:

So, like I said, about 400 models.  For obvious reasons, splitting this is a bit problematic.

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