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I've set up a bit of a blog for Andy and have just uploaded the map of the Four A world. I hope to add a load more stuff over the coming week or so!

All the best!

I love the names of the different lands!!

ops... I see it only now.
Nice done Andy :)

Pretty nice stuff there. Like the dwarves.


I have updated Andys blog with some bits and bobs for the Dwarves, Coastal Goblins and even the Harpies.

The Harpies:

The Goblins:

The Dwarves:

I am hoping to add some more on the Sea Demons, forces of the Fallen and more on the region itself over the coming week or two as well!

I have also begun work with getting a bit of a campaign going and have written an overview on my personal blog too:

All the best!


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