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Debris of the meteoroid

"The quest is almost over! We are close to get hold of this mystical material. But one of our enemies wants to steal our reward! Our pathfinders gave us the coordinates where to find the debris of the meteoroid. They are volatile and we have to analyze them hear and now. Most of the material has already vanished.”
“Sir, we have urgent news from our pathfinders! Sir! The enemy has found the debris, too! They are ready to act!”
“This is Colonel Mc Murphy. To all our units! The debris of the meteoroid has top priority! Analyze them as good as possible and keep the enemy away from the debris! By hook or by crook! Go, go, go!”


•   The goal is to analyze the debris as long as possible.
•   The scenario ends after 7 rounds or after 2,5h of game play.
•   The player with the most points wins.


•   Each player has 1200 points
•   There are no limitations.
•   It is allowed to buy two elite squads per grunt squad.
•   It is allowed to buy one support unit per grunt squad and elite squad.
•   There are no point costs for the main character.
•   The environment is desert level 6.

The board:

•   The most cover should be in the deployment zones.
•   The debris shouldn’t be in full cover. But some hard cover can be around the debris.
•   The board has the size: Length 36” and Width 48”


•   The deployment zone has the following dimensions: Length 24” Width 12”
•   The winner of the second scenario gets 5 extra inches to simulate the successful break through.
•   There are two big debris in the middle of the board. They are 12” apart from each other and 12” from the border of the table.
•   Infiltrating units are not allowed to deploy closer then 6” from any debris.

Optional tasks:

•   Between the two big debris is one small debris. This one can be lifted and carried to the own deployment zone (not including the extra 5”). This one is placed in the middle between the both big ones. The unit which delivers this debris in the own zone will be immediately upgraded regarding the veteran rules. It is impossible to pass the debris from model to model. If the carrier dies the debris stays on the spot. The debris can be picked up by a new model. Models who are already heroes can not be upgraded.
•   The heroic capturing of the small debris counts later on for the optional CVPs, too.   

Analyzing the big debris:

•   Every model can analyze the debris.
•   A model has to be in base to base contact to analyze the debris and have to spend one action. If the model is at the next activation still in base to base contact the player gets victory points.
•   In the rounds 2 to 4 each model who is analyzing gets 2 victory points, because the debris are in a better state.
•   In round 5 to 7 4 each model who is analyzing gets 1 victory point.
•   If a model dies before the next activation the model gets no victory points.
•   It is possible to spend in each round one action to continue the analysis and to get victory points in a row.
•   If the main character is analyzing the debris he gets one extra victory point per round plus the standard victory points.
•   Regardless of the size of the analyzing units it is only allowed to have two models in base to base contact with one debris.
•   Each single model who analyzed gets victory points.
•   Multi-crewed vehicles are counting as one model.
•   Models with stalk or stealth are visible when they start to analyze the debris and can not hide anymore.
•   The debris can not be moved.
•   The debris are very volatile. They have vanished at the end of round 7 or after 2,5h of game play.
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