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Trenches in the night

Mission Log:

Briefing in a military camp of the Imperial Corps:
Captain Mc Murphy talks to his officers:
“The enemy has entrenched themselves! Tonight a hell breaks loose! A sand storm will cover our break through! But be wary! The enemy could try to start a counteroffensive!
Dismissed, gentlemen!“



•   Both players have entrenched themselves.
•    Each player tries to break through the trench line of the opponent and hold their line.
•   The game stops after 6 rounds.

Special rules of the board:

•   The lake is dried out and can be crossed like normal terrain.
•   The loser of the last scenario can choose secretly the environment start level.
•   The possible environment start level has to be between 3 and 7. Take a look into the section “desert storm” for further details.
•   The winner of the last scenario can choose the side of the table.
•   This scenario happens in the night and the night fighting rules apply.

Desert Storm:

•   The loser selects secretly the start level and writes it down before he sees the opponent’s trench lines.
•   The winner gets informed about the start level before the start of the deployment.
•   The storms of the Mars are totally unpredictable. To simulate this there will be a dice roll at the beginning of ach round including the very first after the deployment.
1   - the storm abates 3 levels
2-5         - the storm abates 2 levels
6-10        - the storm abates 1 level
11-15      - the storm strengthens 1 level
16-19      - the storm strengthens 2 levels
20           - the storm strengthens 3 levels
•   The minimum level is 1 the maximum level is 9


•   Each player has 1000 points.
•   No further field engineering objects are allowed.
•   Each player gets the same amount of trenches. He has to place them before the deployment.
•   It is not allowed to buy personalities or support units.


•   The board has a size of 36”x48”
•   The deployment zone is 24”x19”. There must be a gap of at least 10” between the both deployment zones.
•   It is not allowed to field para-deployment units in the very last round.



•   Each player deploys his trenches independently from each other. The view to the opponent deployment zone is if possible blocked. If this is not possible the winner starts to build up his defence lines. After he finished his deployment zone will be covert with a blanked. Afterwards the loser builds his trench lines. Each player has 10 minutes for this task.
•   The first line of trenches has to run along the front deployment zone border (in an area of 3”). A clear trench line has to be recognizable. Gaps are allowed for excursions.
•   At least 4 trench parts have to be used for the front trench line.
•   The rest of the trench parts can be used as he wants.
•   For the calculation of victory points counts only the front trench line.
•   Each player has to write down for each trench part if it is reinforced or not reinforced.
•   A model in front of the trench (sloped side) gets soft cover.
•   For CC a model has to cross the trench. It is impossible to fight in CC over a trench.

Crossing of Trenches:

•   It is possible to cross a trench if the model is already in base to base contact. It takes one action to do it.
•   If the trench is reinforced the crossing model has to do a LD check.
•   Models with demo training or climb get a +2 modifier.
•   If a model fails the check he has to roll against damage 9. If this roll fails too it gets a wound.
•   Flying or jumping models can cross a trench in a height of 2”  with no penalties.
•   Walkers and other walking models of size 4 or bigger can cross the trenches without penalties.
•   A crossing model can be attacked by waiting models. The crossing model gets no cover.

Optional Tasks:

•   The first unit who will enter the area behind the opponent trench will be immediately upgraded regarding the veteran rules. Units which are already heroes can not be upgraded anymore.
•   The following optional task counts to get optional CVPs: Holt the trench. If a player has at least twice the number of wounds behind the first own trench as opponent wounds. And he has to won at least one victory point.

Victory points:

•   At the end of each round their will be a evaluation for victory points:
o   Each player gets one point per own wound in the opponent trench area.
o   The model or his base has to be only partly in the trench area. Flying models are valid, too.
o   Panic models count only the half and broken models are pointless.
o   The main character counts always 5 victory points regardless of his wounds.

Winning the scenario:

•   After the six round counts every player all his victory points.
•   The player with the most points wins.
•   After 2,5h the game stops abruptly and there is one last victory point evaluation.

General rules:

•   A model in MP has still the same size and height. It is still possible to fire at a model which is in MP behind cover. The model in MP behind the cover can fire over the cover, too. MP is not cumulative with cover.

Night fighting rules:
•   LOS is reduced to short range 12”.
•   Ranged combat attacks suffer a -4 penalty.
•   Command radius is reduced by 2”.
•   Squads outside short range may be targeted if they have fired during the current round. Mark the squads that have fired with a muzzle flash marker. Models firing at a muzzle flash shoot at a -8 RC.
•   Models illuminated by flairs or star shells may be attacked normally.
•   Other optional load-outs like tracer rounds or night vision can reduce or remove the RC penalty and LOS restrictions for fighting in darkness. See their description for details.
•   Additional environmental penalties can apply.

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