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Boundary Dispute (Inspired by WarzoneD's Border Patrol Scenario; Thx!)

"These anomalies must have a reason. Sgt. Mc Murphy take your men to try to find the source. Keep your eyes open and demonstrate the power of our Imperial. We have to enforce the boundaries of the Luna-Peace-Contract. We will not allow our enemies to take over our homes!
I expect a detailed report after your return. Dismissed!”



Cut off the reinforcement of your opponent and eliminate if possible the opponent leader.


•   Each player has 800 points.
•   It is not allowed to field additional individuals.
•   It is not allowed to buy elite squads or support units or consultants or advisors.
•   The first squad must have the maximum number of regular members.
•   The main character is for free and has no point cost.
•   The environment is desert level 3.
•   There are no false leads in the scenario.

The board:

•   The board has the following dimensions: Length 36” Width 48”
•   The board parts are placed randomly. Each game will be played on one half of the table.
•   Each half is a totally separated board. There is no interaction between the two boards.
•   The board parts are arranged that the most cover is in the deployment zones.



•   The deployment zones are placed along the 36” side.
•   These are the dimensions of the deployment zones: Length 24” and Width 12”
•   At the beginning there is a normal deployment of the main character and the big squad.

Reinforcement zone:

•   In the middle of each deployment zone is a square of 6x6 inch. This is the reinforcement zone.
•   The reinforcement has to deploy into this zone.
•   The reinforcement zone as to be in a plain area without any buildings.
•   At the beginning of round 3 starts the reinforcement and continues every second round after (round 3, 5, 7, etc.)
•   The reinforcement can only be fielded if the whole zone is clear. If the zone is blocked the reinforcement will continue in the next round when the zone is clear. The two rounds cycle will be continued afterwards.
•   The reinforcement will be fielded as deployment cards and can be activated like normal units.
•   Special rules:
o   Stealth und Stalk: Not a real exception. These units will start in „hide modus“.
o   Infiltrate: The reinforcement zone has to be clear to field them. But they can be fielded anywhere on the board regarding the standard infiltration rules.
o   Guerrilla Training: They get fielded as models. The opponent can use wait action if he wants. Afterwards they will be taken from the board and redeployed into the whole deployment zone at the start of the next round.
o   Para-deploy: To call these reinforcement units the reinforcement zone has to be clear. After this call this unit can land everywhere on the board regarding the standard para-deployment rules. They can be released at a later date. The reinforcement zone can be occupied at this moment.
•   The reinforcement stops after the boarding of the whole 800 points.

Optional goals:

•   The unit which enters as the first unit the opponent reinforcement zone will be immediately upgraded regarding the Veteran Rules.
•   The following optional task counts to get optional CVPs: Dedication for the duty even in the peril of a heavy gunfight. To fulfil this task at least one model has to move from its own deployment zone to the opponent corner of the board.

Victory conditions:

•   At the moment when the opponent reinforcement is cut of the game stops. This happens at the moment when at least one model occupies the opponent reinforcement zone for a full round. The player gets one victory point and the game is over.
•   An alternative possibility to end the game and to win the scenario is to eliminate all opponent models before the next reinforcement appears. Para-deployment units in the air have no influence in this case. They are not on the table.
•   As an additional target you should try to eliminate the opponent main character. If you do that you will get one victory point but the scenario continues.
•   In the case of a tie there will be a comparison of the eliminated points of the opponent. The player who eliminated the most wins the game.
•   The game stops after 1,5h.
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