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An old favorite of mine....(needs revised for UWZ)
« on: February 04, 2006, 02:48:09 PM »
Get the Flock Outta Here
by Grant Fleming (Alpha)

With inspiration from one of my all time favorite Scottish jokes:

Q: How do you know Mick Jagger wasn't Scottish?

A: He wrote a song with the lyrics "Hey! You, get off of my cloud". If he was Scottish, he'd have written "Hey! McCloud, Get off of my ewe."

"Black Angus" McCloud has a small and desolate farm on the icy plains of Ganymede where he and his prize herd have lived in quiet harmony...until now. As the first light of day sparkles on the frosted land, McCloud's trusted dog Shep barks out a warning.

"What's that boy?  Timmy's fallen in the well?"

"Bark! Bark Bark! Bark Bark Bark!!!"

"OH NOOOO! Two large packs of dreaded Artic Snow-Cats are after the herd! C'mon Shep, we've gotta save 'em!"


The Setting: A small farm on the Ice Plains of Ganymede

The Objective: Angus and his trusty sheepdog must lead his flock  from their dangerous position on the grazing field to the security of the fenced in enclosure (across the board) at the farm.

Special Rules:
1) The flock will follow Angus or Shep just like they were it's squad leaders. If any are "out of command radius", they will wander and graze obliviously (roll a scatter for direction and move them d6 inches per activation) unless a Snow-Cat moves within 12". Then they will run in a random direction their full 9" move each activation until they are killed or brought back into command.

2) On turn 2, McCloud's best friend Rob Roy McJagger will appear on his Fenris Bike with his 2 squads of Wolfbanes (moving from the farm). They will help Angus and the sheep make a fighting withdrawal to the security of the fenced enclosure.

3) Any Snow-Cat within 6" of another that gets toasted (killed) by the Fenris' flamethrower must make an LD check or flee back to it's den (directly towards it's deployment zone). If it reaches the edge of the board without rallying, it is removed from play.

4) The sheep do not know McJagger and his men as well as Angus and Shep (or are perhaps a bit afraid of them), so they must make a successful LD test to take control of the flock.

5) Once in the pen, the sheep are safe and will not move out again.

6) In the barn (adjacent to the pen) is Angus' prize animal. A huge and ferocious black ram named "Ol' Clootie".  If any Wolfbane spends one action adjacent to the barn, he can release the savage beast. Seeing it's flock in danger, it will charge to the rescue. It is, however, as dense as it is ferocious and must roll LD each activation. If it succeeds in the test, the Wolfbane player controls "Ol' Clootie". If it fails, it charges and attacks the closest model in LOS (not counting the sheep).

7) Unbeknownst to Angus, this attack is not the mere unfortunate encounter it appears to be. The attack has been coordinated by a Metropolitan Prophet from the forces of Semai (who but the dreaded apostle of spite plot such a nefarious and demoralizing attack on Angus' Wolfbane "lovestock").

The Forces:

Angus McCloud - Use the Wolfbane Chieftain profile
Rob Roy McJagger - Use the Fenris bike/rider
Rob Roy's men - 2 (4 man) squads of Wolfbanes with no specialists and  Chieftains
15 Sheep
Ol' Clootie

20 Snow-cats
Metropolitan Prophet

New units:
Angus' trusty sheepdog. He will protect Angus and the flock with his life.
CC-8 RC-n/a PW-9 LD-14 AC-3 W-1 ST-7 MV-4 A-7 S-2  20 pts.

Angus' lovestock. CC-3 RC-n/a PW-6 LD-8 AC-3 W-1 ST-5  MV-3 A-6 S-2  5 pts. 

Ol' Clootie
Deadly black ram who will fiercly defend his ewes...from any threat.
CC-9 RC-n/a PW-8 LD-12 AC-3 W-2 ST-9 MV-4 A-7 S-2  25 pts.

The dreaded local predator with whom the Wolfbanes fight cats and dogs.
CC-8 RC-n/a PW-9 LD-11 AC-3 W-1 ST-8 MV-4 A-7 S-2 20 pts.

Victory Conditions: When all sheep are in the pen or dead, the game ends. Add up the remaining points for both sides and the one with the greater total is the victor.

Hope you enjoy this scenario....Wolfbane players should find it particularly enjoyable as for the only time in WZ2 you'll actually outgun your opponent. Have fun! Comments and Flames may be sent to:

Grant Fleming
Arch Nemesis of the Pathetically Correct
Ebay Handle: Alpha-Male