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Battles at Trollen's Cave! (
« on: September 08, 2009, 02:43:25 AM »
Here I'd like to present battles played at my home. I'm talking with my friend about making good gaming point in his shop. Anyway I'm trying to play as often as possible but its quite hard right now as I'm workin full time job, study at the university. That makes not enought time for the hobby. Apart from not having time I'm gennerally collecting minis not only Warzone & Chronopia. Also some old Citadel minis, Warhammer Fantasy, Confrontation. I love boards games too. Recently we play a lot Munchkin games as they are faster than even small WZ battle.

I do play battles on board 100cm x 100cm. I'm thinking about new desing of battle table. but this is future project. Now I can present you my blog. Ultimate Warzone and there you will find any battles I've played with my friends. Photos are included of course!

Blog is often actualized. Free of Ads and of course full of Warzone. And you can translate it with one Click :). Regards