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Same thing for Chronopia

Frappr is out of date and not "by players for players"

Look a tabletoptournaments player map. The data displayed are coming the worldwide community website tabletoptournaments.

If you are not yet registered on this website, we can only advise you to do so. You can register on T on this page.

If you are already registered in T and that you do not appear in this list, then it is probably because you do not have listed the gamesystems that you play. You can update your data on this page.




The European online tournament website is starting to expand into the North American tournament scene. Here is a short introduction to the site and their service. They are also looking for a US based admin familiar with the tournament scene to help them out.

From their announcement:

--- Quote ---Wed like to introduce our webservice T - to the TGN readership. The site fully dedicated to tabletop tournaments has just celebrated its 5th birthday and has become the major platform for all kind of tabletop tournaments in Central Europe. After starting as a little signup script for a local tournament in Germany, we soon were available in Germany, Austria and the Switzerland for the public and in France in Belgium some years later.

    Our main goal is offering a comfortable online administration of tournaments. The organizers can register their tournaments on our page with information like date, location, number of players, rules and more. The players then can sign up online for the tournament. With an user account this can happen with just some clicks. Organizers can then manage news, emails, payment, results and all relevant stuff through an easy to use web interface.
--- End quote ---


--- Quote ---T just did the next major step in its history, which brings us to the USA. Over a year ago first thoughts were made and first efforts into this direction were done, but it never went final.

For the US launch lots of stuff had to be redone which didn't play a major role before (like time zones or currencies). With the changes over the last weeks the important stuff is done and T finally supports the USA with all its features.

There a still some minor issues like the NTR/ETR or missing FAQ translations. This will be done over the next weeks.

The administration is done by CptCaine and Blackhawk. They will support the new US T-users.
--- End quote ---


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