Author Topic: Prince August recasting old figures?  (Read 4078 times)

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Re: Prince August recasting old figures?
« Reply #15 on: November 22, 2008, 02:37:11 AM »
I had a chat a while back with the guys from Prince August (hand that they live relatively close) and can confirm they are NOT casting new figures, specifically because they are not OFFICIALLY ALLOWED cast new figures and if Paradox thought they were it would probably land the company in hot water.

Whatever arrangements where made they are simply selling off old stock however, there was a HUGE amount of said stock and some of it was stored badly, transported roughly so they have a large number of figures that have no blisters and are simply lump together in boxes. Every so often someone gets time to sort these figures and they organise them into blisters.

Having talked to the guys down there it is entirely possible that if someone was looking for something specific though a special effort would be made to find any that might be in the boxes and if you give them a few weeks they may just be able to find exactly what you need by pure chance.

They get very lucky when it comes to finding exact figures down there ::)

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Re: Prince August recasting old figures?
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Ah well, that explains all then Freak. Thank you. And have some karma too.

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