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Well Of Ages
« on: July 08, 2007, 01:15:09 PM »
On July 2nd, the 4-State Militia got together for a great day of gaming.  We started around 12:30 in the afternoon and went to about 10:00, with many smoke breaks, runs for booze, and pizza/dinner break.  We played 2 games: Well O Ages (this BATREP), and Pyramid: A Game of Death. 

WELL OF AGES[/color]

In the Land of Two Rivers, if you follow the river Sippar,  heading east of the Plain of Bones for 7 days or more, you arrive at a little trading town.  In this town is a well that has never gone dry, it is known as the Well Of Ages.  Whom so ever controls this well controls the SE trade routes into the Blackblood Empire.  # opposing factions decide to take it.  One arrived much sooner than the others and with a larger force, the Vulture Clan.  The Firstborn and the House Crystal Lotus arrive a day after the town was conguered by the Vulture.  Short on water both attack to sieze the source of water in a weeks journey.  Let the battle begin.

# of Players
There are 3 players for this scenario:

Troy-the-just----House Crystal Lotus
Canonball----The Firstborn
DogOWar----Vulture Clan Dwarves (the dwarves last hope for empire)

Vulture Clan=1340
House Crystal Lotus=1000
The Firstborn=1000

Victory Conditions
Whoever has the most points worth of models within 3 inches of the Well, marked by a sundial, by the end of turn 10, wins.

Defender will setup in the town. There will be multiple, goodsized, openings in the walls for the attackers to use.

As the Vulture clan recently took this town, they get to defend.  FB ans CL will take opposing sides of the board and can place up to 8 inches in.

The Scoop
     I foolishly forgot to take pics the first 3-4 turns, so bear with me.  THe game opened up with the Fb moving his crossbowmen toward an opening.  Unfortunately, for him, what he took to be dwarf legion, were actually dwarf crossbows.  The vultures promptly decimate the Crossbows, while Canonball sheds a tear of saddnes, and then howls words of vengence at the Vulture's leader (ME)! What follows is the general advancement of the FB forces into the town.  On the FB side of the board the vultures hold in the face of the FB, sxcept, for a Legion band that stars a leisurely retreat for the well.  On the Elf side the Elven Militia with a crystal knight in tow, advance to wall.  The rest of the elves, deciding this would be a good time to practice their "River Dance" lessons, do nothing but dance.
     Turn 2 invloved more advances by the FB, except the remaining Crossbows were killed. The Vultures hold the line instead of retreating as planned.  The Elven Militia, wondering at the madness of their kin, hug the outside wall.  The Lotus eater casts a spell at the Vulture Totem, but it saves.  THe rest of the elves, even though they dance forward a little bit.
     Turn 3 the Elven Militia attack the Vulture Legion, the remaining elves dance to the wall ans hug it.  Vultures hold line instead of retreating as planned. In hte process the vulture crossbows fail to wound a Repulsar Knight with aimed shots.  Continued general advance by the FB.

Start of turn 4(?)

Turn 4 sees the FB advance into Vulture Crossbows and Legion, with keeper in support.  The Sistahs' head towards the middle of the board, while swordmen head for the big brawl in the middle of their side.  Elven militia do not break but the Vulture legion does, leaving the Vultre Crossbows on their side cut off.  Vuture Crossbows kill several militia, which never panics the whle game.  The rest of the elves stop their dance lessons and makes a break for the opening.  The Vulture's leader cursing not following his original battle plan while he still had the chance, now begins a gneral drift towards the well, trying desperatly to contain the FB on the left and protect 2 exposed flanks on the Elf side.

Beginning of Turn 5

Canonball on the left and Troy-the-just on the right

Turn five sees the real action begin.  On the FB sid of things, a great ruckus erupts in the middle of the board.  The vultures begin to fall to FB warriors.  The Keeper "Totem's up" this turn and waits for the final battle to begin.  On the elf side, the Crystal knight slays 2 crossbows and they break.  Militia follows Legion, slaying one, and catching a flamethrower burst in the process, losing 3-4  combatants. The Elves advance the Dream Warriors into city with sky chariot. 

Turn 6-7 are a little hazy, and I forgot to take pics so I'll try to fill in the balnk areas.  The FB/Vulture ruckus gets into full swing.  FB begin to harvest the Vultures, the keeper gives a great cry and slams into the swordsmen, killing some.  Keeper goes down under sword strokes, Vulture crossbows die.  Totem slams into Repulsar knights, killing 1 in the process and putting a wound on another.  On the Elf side of the board, the Crystal knight finishes off retreating Vulture Crossbows and heads toward well.  Elven Axemen round the corner of a house and take a blast from the other Crossbow unit, losing several in the process, before mixing it up with them.  Not sure about the Flying Dragonbane, I'll let Troy talk about him.

Beginning Turn 8

By turn 8 it was apparent I (Vulture) was in trouble.  The FB had won the ruckus and were advancing.  Once again, vultures begin to fall.  The vultures don't go down without a fight though.  On the Elf side, the Vultures/Elves exchange casualties to the whoa of all concerned, but make good progress towards the well.

Beginning of turn 9

Everybody begins the last trek to the well.  Talon Lord slams into Elves and, slaying several, and then falls.  I can't remember how I lost totem?  Its hard to believe but true.  I'm sure one of the other guys will fill us in.  FB/Elves/Vulture brawl it out, but its obvious the Elves will have most points and the game is called.

Clan Runes
I'll have to come back and put this in, as I need to get ready for a BBQ with the family.  This BATREP eats up time. ;D

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Re: Well Of Ages
« Reply #1 on: July 09, 2007, 07:00:38 AM »
to fill in the last few turns......

the dwarves had come back from near extinction and put the hurt on the CL.   The FB had near command of their side of the board with an intact band of sisters, and unharmed repulsar knight and repulsar knight marksman.  The CL had a half band of dream warriors left, a blue lotus eater, a flying dragon bane, and a couple of axemen, the remaining numbers had been finished off the previous 2 turns by the dwarves.  the dwarves had a few legion left, and their blood totem, which was uninjured I beleive, the rest of their forces finished off by the firstborn and in a nasty battle with the CL where the dwarves gave better than they received.

My flying DB was in a bad spot.   if i engaged the bloodtotem, i would die, and if i survived, the marksmen would finish me off, if i engaged the marksmen, the blood totem would take me out.

the blood totem attacks and kills the marksmen, then attacks and wounds the repulsar knight, the knight then kills the totem.

I then sky chariot my flying dragon bane right next to the sisters, my next attivation i proceed to javelin those nasty little wenches.  With the sisters broken, the fb dont have enough points left to contest the elves, and the dwarves are down to a couple legion.  The CL still have a 1/2 band of dream warriors, dragon bane, lotus eater, and a coupel fo axemen.

this game was not decided until turn 9, it could have went any way.  the dwarves appeared out of it by turn 5, with the FB pressing hard, and the elves relatively intact, however, the dwarves kick some CL bum in 6 and 7, (flamethrower, crossbow, ick), and really even the score, giving the nod to the FB.

a great game, i got stuck dancing around outside the fortress as their were 2 bands of crossbowmen, and a flamethrower unit covering the 3 entrances quite well, plus they were backed by a band of legion and a the blood totem.  ick

lots of fun, oh, by the way, dog o war rolled like a god!!! no doubts about it

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Re: Well Of Ages
« Reply #2 on: July 09, 2007, 11:00:44 AM »
Thanks for the input Troy.  I do love that Vulture Totem (Skreech by name).  He was worth every point spent. 

I did make alot of incredible saves during the game.  I hit about average, couldn't roll initiative to save my life, but I could save like I made a pact with the Dark Lord himself.

Learned a whole lot about playing the dwarves from this.  It is very, very, very bad to have slow moving units break!  both of mine in this game were quickly run down and dispatched.  I must keep Indviduals around to make sure this don't happen.  Most Dwarves are slow!  It does not hit you how slow they are until you see them RUN!! 

All in all, probably our best game yet.  It was tense and down to the wire, with the outcome in doubt.  What FUN!
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Re: Well Of Ages
« Reply #3 on: July 09, 2007, 12:33:52 PM »
Been running a similar event for years called the Wells of Al-Kharrib. Just proves that if you start with the fluff you get great scenarios.
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Re: Well Of Ages
« Reply #4 on: July 09, 2007, 08:25:24 PM »
Hey Top, whats the setup for your "wells" scenario.
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Re: Well Of Ages
« Reply #5 on: July 29, 2007, 03:45:25 PM »
I plan on running the Well of Ages for our second battle.  I divided the 3 sides up between my six players with, so the point totals will be the same.    First Born and Dwarfs defending against the Stigan-Blackblood  and the Devount - Elf unholy alliance.  Should be interesting.

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Re: Well Of Ages
« Reply #6 on: July 30, 2007, 01:20:39 AM »
nice report, thanks
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