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Re: August's New Releases
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Veez if you want to run somrthing like kill teams try a infiltrate the citadel scenario using only Doomtroopers. You could have 5 2-man teams with a 6th person controlling the Dark Legion forces you encounter within the citadel.
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Re: August's New Releases
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If only there was already a table top game like that... ;)*

But seriously that is a great idea and all the tools are there.  One of my fantasies, ahem, gaming fantasies is to either buy enough dungeon tiles from Master Maze (?) or make my own dungeon corridors using Hurst (sp?) Arts molds and mix it with the DL resin stuff to create a SOTC scenario.

On my list of things to do before I die.

*No sarcasm was intened with that remark.  None was intended with this disclaimer.   Most of the authors sarcasam on this baord is devoted solely to making fun of the Great Satan (GW).  Any other sarcasm is meant to be self defacing.  Thank you for your patience.
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Re: August's New Releases
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...Seige of the citadel is just the coolest boxed game[.] A buddy of mine actually owns five of 'em! I have two, my nephew has one and another freind has one. The whole premise of Doomtroopers being sent in to attack a Dark Legion Citadel makes for the coolest gaming experiance I've ever had - and the possibilities for scenarios are as endless as they are fun to play...with no less than five Dark Apostles to choose from, not to mention the five Megacorporations, the Brotherhood, and Independant/Freelance/Malcontent types like the Darkslayers for example. // Something we do is have one person come up with the Seige scenario and act as MCM. (Mutant Chronicles Master). We use Warzone rules with whatever house rules seem appropriate and the result is something like whats being discussed here- a game experiance that feels like a RPG because of the MCM and a TTG because of the Warzone rules. You can play a one-and-done scenario or thread afew together like a mini-campaign or just keep 'em going as long as the interest continues. Even if you loose a character, you can do-up another one and find some reason to get them into the ongoing mix.

                  ...and for those who may be interested in such things...

The official military force of the Cartel is the Doomtroopers, the most famous and respected soldiers in the Solar System. Elite commando warriors specially trained to battle the forces of the Dark Legions, they are actually able to match the ferocity of the nepharites and have been trained to strike at the very core of the evil."

-(Mutant Chronicles RPG 2nd edition p.13).

"DOOMTROOPER: The Doomtroopers are the ultimate warriors in the system. The Cartel culls the finest soldiers from all the corporations when it recruits for the legendary Doomtroopers. Just a handful of these men and women can defeat entire cohorts of the Dark legion."     

-(Mutant Chronicles RPG 2nd edition p 60).

...and if you would like to see an illustration of the above Quoted descriptions of Doomtroopers in action, check out (p.5 in the WARZONE 1st edition rulebook)!

...EQUIPMENT. The equipment and the weapons used by the Doomtroopers are developed by the megacorporations in close cooperation with the Doomtrooper technicians. The technology used is always state of the art and superior to standard designs available. Many of the weapons only exist as prototypes. The armor carried by the soldiers is made of light plastics and ceramics. It is given a cushioned interior constructed from new energy absorbing materials provided by Cybertronic."

-(Mutant Chronicles RPG 2nd edition p.198).

"THE KOHORTS                                                                                                                            Each infantry Kohort is made up of 1000 Undead Legionnaires, 200 Necro mutants, 100 Centurions, 50 Razides, 1 <<regular>> Nepharite, plus any << support creatures>> detached to it. Each Kohort is broken down into companies, consisting of 100 Legionnaires, 20 Necromutants, 10 Centurions and 5 Razides. Each company can be further broken down into sections. These normally consist of 3-4 Legionnaires led by a Centurion or a Necromutant.
All this is theoretical, of course. On the field of battle, because of casualties, Legions and Kohorts are rarely at full srtength. A typical Kohort in the field is likely to have (1d4+6)x100 Legionnaires with 1 Necromutant per 5 Legionnaires, 1 Centurion per 10 Legionnaires, 1 Razide per 20 Legionnaires and 1 Nepharite per Kohort."

-(Mutant Chronicles ALGEROTH RPG Sourcebook p.85).

...sorry to be so long winded, but in case you may have missed any, I thought some of you may want to see some topic specific background fluff from the early days from various sources. Hopefully you may find it of use and it might inspire you to take command of a Doomtrooper force and lay seige to a Dark Legion Citadel.

...VEEZ, I've always been none other than Timthetekron here and on the old EE site.
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