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Battle of the Moderators
« on: January 02, 2007, 12:00:56 PM »
Since Wedge and I both live too far to join the fun at Josh-Con we play by e-mail instead. We use a cool program called Cyberboard to play both UWZ and Chronopia by e-mail.

We just finished a battle using this scenario and now we'd like your help in designing the scenario for our next battle.

Maps that need scenarios:
Ruins and
Sewers (These are used together, we'll post the nice 3-way scenario we have for this one).
Factory (See the link above for the scenario we use on this map)

Help us by picking a map and coming up with a nice set of objectives and any special rules you think would make for a fun battle. A cool back story for the battle would also be cool. When we have a scenario we'll ask you guys to tell us what armies to play.

When we play the battle we'll post a battle report with snapshots of the map from each turn to show what's happening.

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Re: Battle of the Moderators
« Reply #1 on: January 02, 2007, 12:43:13 PM »
I have a campaign started that would be perfect for PBEM. Ill post the first scenario here. When you finish the first scenario <with pics  ;D > Ill post the 2nd scenario. Depending on the outcome of each scenario the next one changes. I hope you enjoy.

Played on this board

A Relaxing Day in “THE Jungle”

Ahh the infamous Jungle. The place where grunts go to train and/or die. You know the place. Extremely hot and humid. Bugs everywhere. An absolutely inhospitable environment.  It’s the perfect place to see what your units are made of. Being the jungle, you never know who or WHAT you will stumble across.

Terrain: The playing surface is of course Jungle/Forest <Level 3 or above. You can roll a 6-sider to decide>. It should be heavily populated with Trees and Hills. Vegetation should be at dense and plentiful.

Forces: Cult Vs Brotherhood <Dont worry the actual forces dont matter. Based on your last battle I chose these.>

One force <Cult> fields 750pts. NO ELITES ARE ALLOWED <this is a GRUNT training mission>. 1 support option is allowed <normal force building criteria DO NOT apply>. 1 Officer is mandatory < to make sure the training is done properly and in a timely fashion>.

Opponent <Brotherhood> fields 500pts. NO PARA DEPLOYING OR INFILTRATING OR OTHER “ADVANCE” UNITS ARE ALLOWED. Stalk, stealth and other special abilities are allowed.

Cult: This is a “simple” cross-jungle march. Using your deployment zone you must make it across the board <opposite side>. Sounds simple right? WRONG! The officer<fig> must deploy first. All other squads use deployment cards, the squad leader<center of card> must stay within 12” of the Officer. <This is after all a formation march>. Activation continues as normal until contact with the enemy. <Either through spotting or someone gets hit>. Figs are deployed in turn. Then normal UWZ rules apply.

Opponent: You are out on a simple recon/patrol mission. You know something is out there but you don’t know where or what. Deploying from the side of the board <no deployment cards>, the world is yours SEEK and Destroy! No template weapons can be used during the FIRST turn of spotting the enemy, after that, all bets are off!


Opponent: Kill everything that moves!!! With at least 50% of your force surviving.
Cult: Kill everything that moves or escape <opposite side of board from where you started> with as much of your force being alive as possible. Remember, what forces survive DIRECTLY affect the next scenario.

Time Limit:  8 Turns
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